Spring Student Symposium Application

Students: Please discuss with your faculty or staff sponsor what you would like to present. 

Faculty: Please encourage your students to participate.

The online application can be found at sym2018.exordo.com.

It includes proposal title, abstract (up to 200 words), presenter(s) name, faculty sponsor name, and presentation needs. You will need to create an account using your Middlebury email address.

Deadline to apply is midnight on Thursday, March 1, 2018.

The system will no longer accept applications after this point so please take this deadline literally. If you think you want to apply, then submit a proposal prior to the deadline.

The application is reviewed by the Sessions Committee for inclusion and session grouping in the symposium. Once accepted, you can revise your submission or withdraw until the final abstracts deadline. It is understood that some projects are a work in progress at the application deadline, final abstracts deadline or even the day of the symposium. Presenting your project where you are, how you arrived there and anticipated next steps are encouraged.

Oral presentations are generally 15 minutes in length (12 min. talk with 3 min. Q&A). Large groups and classes can request 35 min. (1/2 session) or 75 min. (whole session). Poster presentations (includes exhibits) are part of a 45 min. session.

All presentations are provided a space in McCardell Bicentennial Hall, either in a classroom (oral) or the Great Hall and adjoining spaces (posters or exhibits).

If you have any questions about presenting or if your project is appropriate please see the FAQs and the information on presenting first (left sidebar). If you have any technical issues with the application or additional questions please email uro@middlebury.edu