What is involved in sponsoring students to participate in the symposium?

Sponsoring students for the symposium is a natural extension of doing research with them. By agreeing to sponsor a student you are stating that their research/creative work is worthy of inclusion in the symposium. You are also agreeing to provide your students with mentorship and advice regarding the best way to organize and present their work, and agreeing to serve as an editor of the students’ final research abstract for inclusion in the symposium program.

Can an entire class submit a presentation proposal?

Class projects are allowed. Please ask one student to serve as the contact person.

What roles can faculty and staff play in this event?

Faculty and staff are warmly invited to attend the Spring Student Symposium. We also ask you to encourage students to participate as presenters, and ask faculty and staff who are familiar with their work to agree to sponsor them. Finally, faculty and staff will be invited to serve as panel moderators/facilitators for presentation sessions that pertain to their area of expertise.

May I co-present with my student(s)?

No. Although the research of many of our student presenters will be closely connected with that of their faculty mentors, this symposium is for the students to present their work. However, when appropriate, students should acknowledge all persons involved with the project and also indicate any grants or sources of funding.