Presentation Title: Writing Gender and Sexuality: Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, and Poetry Selections

Section: Writing Gender and Sexuality  I

Location: , 411

Date & Time: Friday, April 19, 2013 - 9:15am - 10:30am


In Writing Gender and Sexuality (ENAM 0172A), we read, examined, and created writing that focuses on the performance of gender and sexuality. Students engaged in contemplative exercises, writing workshops with the class, and one-on-one meetings with the professor throughout the writing process. Each student produced pieces of both fiction and creative non-fiction, as well as some poetry, dealing with issues or experiences pertaining to gender or sexuality (as well as intersections of race, class, ability, etc.) Our purpose in the symposium is to have some students from the class read excerpts of the work they spent a semester drafting, revising, and developing, in the hopes that our audience will walk away with a greater appreciation or understanding of the roles of gender and sexuality in our lives and creative processes.

Type of Presentation: Class oral (75 minute)

Oral presenters
Presentation Area: English & American Literature

Presentation Topic: Gender

Arts presenters
Format: Oral Session

Class Project
Course name: ENAM 172
Course Instructor: Wright, Catharine W.
Number of presenters: 7

Presenter Information
Presenter(s): Strott, Alexandra Elizabeth (Alex), Baker, Michael Lenn (Davis), Thomas, Sarah Danielle, LeCours, Douglas Richard (Doug), Liu, Karen, Neal, Meagan Holly, Carlson, Kathleen Angela (Katie)
Major(s): Women and Gender Studies
Class Year(s): 2015

Sponsor(s): Wright, Catharine W.
Dept(s): CTLR

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