Presentation Title: Cosmogenic 10Be erosion rate estimates from 3.2-1 Ma in the Rio Iruya watershed, Northwestern Argentina

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Date & Time: Friday, April 19, 2013 - 10:30am - 11:15am


The relationship between climate, tectonics, and erosion rates in mountainous terrain remains poorly understood over long timescales.   Although studies of modern systems allow comparison across modern climatic and tectonic gradients, long-term records are required to test the importance of disequilibrium landscape conditions created by global climate cycles and long-term climate trends.   To address the question of erosion rate response to changes in tectonic setting and climate cycling, we present U-Pb zircon dates from 5 new interbedded ashes to further refine the stratigraphic framework, as well as 16 new basin-scale erosion rates estimated from 10Be in quartz separated from foreland basin sandstone strata deposited between 3.2 and 1 Ma.  Comparisons of erosion rate data with climate proxies and tectonic models of sub-Andean and Andean growth over this time period should newly inform our understanding of the relative contribution of each forcing in the erosional history of the northwest Argentine Andes.

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Presenter(s): Luna, Lisa Victoria
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