Presentation Title: “Pre-service”: An Examination of College Seniors Becoming Teachers through a University-Based Licensure Program or Teach for America

Section: High Aspirations III

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Date & Time: Friday, April 19, 2013 - 1:50pm - 2:05pm


Due to growing perceptions of teaching as a marginalized career among the student bodies of selective colleges and universities, this paper investigates the opinions and attitudes toward teaching of seven Middlebury College seniors planning to soon enter the field of education.  Of the students interviewed, four have studied extensively in their college’s Education Studies program (ES), while three have not and are applying to Teach for America (TFA).  The research focuses on the following areas:  the basic demographic differences between the ES and TFA students (including ultimate career ambitions), the students’ motivations for pursuing teaching, and their views of effective teaching.  In analyzing the interview data, the project makes use of theories related to elite educational institutions (Bourdieu, Khan) and pre-professional socialization (Becker, McAlpine, Klossner, Chumbler).

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