Presentation Title: High For This: The Culture, Politics, and Art of Video Remix

Section: The Mystery of Creativity IV

Location: , 104

Date & Time: Friday, April 19, 2013 - 4:10pm - 4:25pm


In today's digital culture, many believe that there has been a shift from creating to passively consuming.  With the advent of video sharing websites like YouTube and Vimeo along with easily accessible digital editing software, remix has come to the forefront of creative works as a way to put artistic control back in the hands of viewers. Remix transforms pre-existing footage with the goal of creating a dialogue between creators, though copyright law and those who do not see it as a valid art form often challenge it. Vidding, a type of video remix, looks at underrepresented figures in mass media and creates new narratives to try to fill this void. In my presentation, I will to attempt define remix and shed light on vidding by presenting my own political remix vid  "High For This" that tackles the representation and autonomy of women in modern music video culture. 

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Presenter(s): Messier, Meridith Kayla
Major(s): English and AMerican literature/ Theatre Joint
Class Year(s): 2015

Sponsor(s): Stein, Louisa E.
Dept(s): Film and Media Culture

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