Presentation Title: Holocaust Geographies

Section: Holocaust Geographies II

Location: , 411

Date & Time: Friday, April 19, 2013 - 11:15am - 11:30am


Historical geography is the study of past places, landscape change over time, and the spatial patterns and processes embedded in historical conditions and events. Focusing their analytical efforts on the geographies of the Holocaust, students in Professor Anne Knowles’ senior seminar will discuss their investigations of the spaces and spatial patterns of Nazi perpetrated genocide. This session will present methodological prototypes that explore data derived from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos project and themes emerging from the ongoing work of the international, interdisciplinary Holocaust Geographies Collaborative project. Visualizing the past using innovative spatial analysis and GIS, students will explain how mappings of SS concentration camps, Jewish ghettos, and Nazi decision-making reveal the spatial characteristics of the Holocaust.

Type of Presentation: Class oral (75 minute)

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Presentation Area: Geography

Presentation Topic: Europe

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Class Project
Course name: Seminar in Historical Geography: Visualizing the Past
Course Instructor: Knowles, Anne K.
Number of presenters: 6

Presenter Information
Presenter(s): Miller, Daniel Patrick (Dan), Roach, Emily Katharine, Rich, Hilary Janet, Rose-Williams, Molly C., Lewandowski, Claire Marcelle, Whitley, Matthew Allen (Matt), Arnosti, Nathan A, Kay, Juliana Lisette
Major(s): Geography, German; Geography; Geography; ES-Geography; Geography; Geography; Geography, History; ES-Geography
Class Year(s): 2013; 2013; 2013; 2013.5; 2013; 2013; 2013; 2013; 2013.5

Sponsor(s): Knowles, Anne K.
Dept(s): Geography

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