Presentation Title: “My husband’s teacher’s sister”: Different Approaches to Adjectival Phrases in Upper Sorbian

Section: Language and meaning II

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Date & Time: Friday, April 19, 2013 - 12:15pm - 12:30pm


Upper Sorbian, a Slavic language spoken in Germany, contains an unusual possessive adjective construction that has puzzled linguists for years. In my research, I considered and evaluated differing theories of morphology (the study of word components) to explain this phenomenon. Previous analyses, such as the Split Morphology Hypothesis, presented a disjointed and account of the Upper Sorbian data, leaving some data unexplained. However, Distributed Morphology, a recent and more complex theory of morphology, is a more adequate theoretical framework for explaining complex hierarchical relationships between morphemes, and therefore can better explain the formation of the possessive adjectives.

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