Presentation Title: Neoliberal Norms of Development and Water Injustice: Case Study of Fiji and Bali

Section: The Life Aquatic I

Location: , 104

Date & Time: Friday, April 19, 2013 - 9:15am - 9:30am


Development in the form of economic liberalization and privatization comes with the hopeful promises of improved living standards through strengthening of the economy. These classical neoliberal norms championed by less developed countries (LDCs) are allowing avoidable water injustices to exist in their respective countries. The priority given to aggregate economic development is jeopardizing social wellbeing. There have been numerous studies of this phenomenon in respect to large infrastructural development projects, such as dams and privatization of piped water and sewerage services. Yet I argue that it is not only such large-scale development projects but day-to-day business practices by global multinational corporations are furthering these preventable injustices. I use bottling of water (Fiji) and the tourism industry (Bali) as case studies. I hope that my research will garner fruitful information on how to tackle these injustices, not only at the local level, but as part of the global system of capital.

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Presenter(s): Lee, Jaehyuk (Jeff)
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Class Year(s): 2013

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