Presentation Title: Brass, and Brass Only


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Date & Time: Sunday, August 31, 2014 - 4:09am


A fun variety of brass quintet repertoire from many time periods and styles. Come enjoy a brass-only sound you do not often hear around Middlebury. Our brass quintet is somewhat unusual in its makeup, with two horns: Suzanne Calhoun '14 and Kaitlin Horan '15, horns, Dustin Weigl '13 and Mike Russo '16, trumpets, and Asa Julien '15, tuba.

Type of Presentation: Individual performance

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Presentation Topic: Music

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Format: Thursday Evening Performance

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Presenter Information
Presenter(s): Calhoun, Suzanne Grace Karlson, Horan, Kaitlin Marie, Weigl, Dustin Harrison, Russo, Michael Brian (Mike), Julien, Asa Rivers
Major(s): Mathematical Sciences
Class Year(s): 2014

Sponsor(s): Vitercik, Greg
Dept(s): Music

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