Presentation Title: Reducing the "Stunting Gap": Conditional Cash Transfers and Child Undernutrition in Nicaragua

Section: Surviving Challenges II

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Date & Time: Friday, April 19, 2013 - 11:55am - 12:10pm


Good nutrition and health at a young age have positive impacts for a person's wellbeing. Improvements in nutrition have been associated with better cognitive development, health, educational achievements, and labor market opportunities. Designing and implementing effecting successful interventions, however, has been challenging. Conditional Cash Transfer (CTT) programs have become a popular intervention in Latin America for improving education and health in the poorest sectors of society. This project analyses the impact that the CCT program in Nicaragua (Red de Protección Social) has had on nutritional status of young children. To do so, I will not only look at the average effect but also, the extent to which the program has reduced (or not) the severity of stunting. 

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Presenter(s): Juncosa Calahorrano, Maria Gabriela
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