Presentation Title: A Learning Library For Music

Section: Poster Session Group 1 #12

Location: , Great Hall

Date & Time: Friday, April 19, 2013 - 10:30am - 11:15am


The project I will be presenting is my senior thesis work for architectural studies. The prompt for the class is to design a learning library for one of the education departments at Middlebury. My library is focused on the music department and through its design I have attempted to create a space where both the college and greater Middlebury community can explore, experience, and be inspired by music in all its forms. My design will we presented in forms from floor plans to site models each  of which have been refined throughout the year.

Type of Presentation: Individual poster

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Presentation Topic: NA

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Class Project
Course name: Senior Architectural Design
Course Instructor: McLeod, John
Number of presenters: 1

Presenter Information
Presenter(s): Getabecha, Melake
Major(s): Environmental Architecture
Class Year(s): 2013.5

Sponsor(s): McLeod, John, Andres, Glenn M.
Dept(s): Architectural Studies

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