Presentation Title: Visual Arts Communication Center

Section: Poster Session Group 2 2

Location: , Great Hall

Date & Time: Friday, April 19, 2013 - 2:45pm - 3:30pm


Currently Economics, English, and Political Science are the three most popular majors at Middlebury College. Guidance available to seniors in preparation for post grad life in the field of the Visual Arts is minute in comparison. Integrating the local arts community with the Visual Arts program will help reinstitute facilitation to prepare stu­dents for post graduation life. This Visual Arts ‘teaching library’ focuses on the sharing and critiquing of each fellow artist’s work. In this way, both students and the community will be teaching and learning from each other. The program will be structured around two main spaces, an informal discussion space and a formal gallery space. This teaching library is NOT a creation space; rather it strives to create a communal gathering space to artists in order to discuss their work. Focus on materials and techniques will be basic, allowing a greater concentration on the discussion and feed­back aspects of this ‘library’.

Type of Presentation: Individual poster

Oral presenters
Presentation Area: History of Art & Architecture

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Presenter(s): King, Hannah Meriwether
Major(s): Architecture & Studio Art
Class Year(s): 2013

Sponsor(s): McLeod, John
Dept(s): History of Art & Architecture

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