Presentation Title: Film and Media Culture: Student Films

Section:  Session I

Location: , 125

Date & Time: Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 8:30pm - 9:30pm


Whether hilarious, heartbreaking or profound the work of this year's Film and Media Culture Department students is inspiring. Students are documenting tragic stories of the loss of a parent. They are crafting fictional shorts about the fantasy world of hand-painted miniature figurines and the potential for true love in the real world. They are collaborating with six-year-olds to create touching works of art currently exploding on the Internet before hundreds of thousands of viewers. And they are animating, frame by frame, a wide variety of characters from ostriches to hedgehogs to robots in outer space. If they are able to create such works of substance now, imagine what they will be up to five and ten years down the road. From everyone in the Film and Media Culture Department we encourage you to enjoy the show and to check out the screening of senior thesis work in Dana Auditorium this May.

Type of Presentation: Individual oral

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Format: Thursday Evening Performance

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Number of presenters: 9

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Presenter(s): Giaever, Bianca Inga, Keirans, Sinead Mchugh, Scranton, Shane Sullivan, Redford, Dylan Larson, Kramer, Elori Saxl, Kramer, Benjamin Aaron (Ben), Kneeland, Kimberly Anne (Kim), Lennon, Matthew George (Matt), Thomas, Ian Gregory
Class Year(s): 2013; 2014; 2013; 2014; 2014; 2013; 2013; 2013; 2014

Sponsor(s): Houghton, Daniel E.
Dept(s): FMMC

Moderator: Houghton, Daniel E., Visiting Lecturer in Film & Media Culture