Policies and Procedures

Why is it important to include my event information in Events at Middlebury?

The primary purpose of the events calendar at Middlebury College is to help you to increase audience for your events. Events at Middlebury is the College's central, comprehensive source of accurate information about all events happening on campus. Because it is online, it is updated daily and can be accessed at any time by any member of the college community through the College Web site. It's the central place to go to find out about the many lectures, performances, athletic contests, workshops, or meetings that are available to you!

Who manages Events at Middlebury?

The Department of Event Management manages and edits the calendar.

Who can submit event information for Events at Middlebury?

Anyone with a scheduled College event can submit their event information for inclusion in the calendar, as soon as they are ready to begin promoting the event. Individuals, however, cannot directly enter information into the calendar. Only the Department of Event Management and a few other designated offices have access to the calendar software to enter or change information. Therefore, individuals, departments or organizations must submit their event information through the Department of Event Management using the online form.

How do I submit an event to the calendar?

Before your event information can be included on the calendar, you must first secure a room/space reservation for the event. Room/space reservations are typically made through the Department of Event Management (and a few other offices designated as schedulers for specific event types. See Policies for Specialized Venues on the Department of Event Management Web site for details).

You can reserve a room reservation by completing the online Room Reservation Request form at:

Once you have a room reservation for your event, you can submit your event information for the calendar at any time, using the online Calendar Information form at: http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/business/scheduling/forms/calendar_post

Complete this form online, and when you hit the .submit. key, the form will be routed to the Department of Event Management where it will be reviewed and entered into the calendar.

NOTE: The online Calendar Information form is the most efficient and accurate way to submit your event information. Please refrain from phone calls, email, or in-person requests.

What events can be posted in the Events at Middlebury calendar?

Approved Middlebury College events that are open to the college community or open to the public can be publicized in Events at Middlebury if they meet the following requirements:

  • The event must be confirmed for a room/space reservation for the proposed date and time
  • The event is not a student party

In addition to events, we encourage College organizations and student organizations to also list their regularly scheduled meetings for the semester or year in the calendar. 

Are photos permitted in Events at Middlebury?

Yes! Both the Room Reservation Request and Calendar Information forms include the opportunity to include a .jpg or .gif file. Please keep the dimensions to approximately 450 pixels x 300 pixels or less, and under 300 KB.

When will events be posted to Events at Middlebury?

Generally, an event will be posted to the calendar within one business day of receipt of the event information in the Department of Event Management.

How do I change my event reservation or the information in the calendar?

To correct or change information on the calendar, please send an email to scheduling@middlebury.edu. Any change of venue, date, time or scope must first be approved by the Department of Event Management before posting to the calendar to ensure that the room/space reserved for the event can accommodate the change, and that the change does not conflict with another scheduled event.

How do I contact the calendar editor?

The Department of Event Management manages and publishes Events at Middlebury. Questions or comments can be directed to this office by email at mtwc@middlebury.edu, or by phone at x5362.

How do I reserve space on campus?

You can request a room reservation by completing the online Room Reservation Request form at: http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/business/scheduling/forms/eventreserve

Detailed instructions for reserving space on campus are found at the Department of Event Management web site: http://go.middlebury.edu/schedule