The Alumni Annual Fund

Gifts to the Alumni Annual Fund support the professor who taught you how to think, the coach who showed you how to lead, the mentor who set you on your professional path. They bring the country and the world together in a community where a kid from Boston and a kid from Bosnia can share their family stories in Chinese.

“A gift to Middlebury is a gift to the future, because Middlebury students go on to accomplish great things. So when I say thanks for your gift to Middlebury, I really mean thanks for helping to make a better world.”

—Bob Bourque '75, P '16
Member, Annual Fund Executive Committee

Why Annual Giving Matters

Annual Fund gifts can be spent as they come in and are directed wherever the need is greatest, creating opportunities for learning and discovery, providing scholarships for students who need them, and giving Middlebury the flexibility to take advantage of emerging opportunities and to respond to unanticipated needs and challenges. They also provide our president with resources she can use to plan for Middlebury's future and to ensure that the College remains an inclusive and intellectually dynamic community.

Gifts to the Alumni Annual Fund are an important complement to the College’s endowment, which is invested for the long term and provides a stable source of income—5 percent of the endowment's value—to fund College programs. A gift of $5,000 that can be spent immediately has the same impact in a single year as a $100,000 gift to the endowment. Year after year, the Annual Fund not only sustains Middlebury, but also helps it to thrive.

Why Give to Middlebury?

Your gift to Middlebury helps teach exceptional young people how to understand the world and contribute to it. The College prepares its students to tackle the world's most pressing challenges and to recognize and develop new opportunities.

Your Middlebury education was made possible because generations of alumni and friends shared with us through the Alumni Annual Fund. Your gifts help students aspire to make the world a better place, knowing that those who came before them are behind them all the way.