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You Make Middlebury Exceptional

Every year thousands of alumni make gifts that have an immediate impact, contributing to everything Middlebury does and benefiting every student. As a class agent, you engage classmates and ask for their support, which makes this possible. We cannot do it without you!

 Get Involved


  • Lead by example: make your gift and help us achieve 100% volunteer participation
  • Participate in and promote our major giving initiatives each year
  • Get in touch with your assigned classmates via email, text, phone, or social media
  • Share news about the College or alumni events
  • Encourage gift participation
  • Provide feedback to Annual Giving staff
  • Be an ambassador for Middlebury
  • Thank classmates for making a gift or participating in Middlebury events


  • $20 million in annual giving from all constituents
  • 36 percent undergraduate alumni participation