What to Say

You have the opportunity to catch up with classmates you may not have spoken to in a long time to encourage them to support our students and it may seem challenging on how to make that contact: what exactly should you say? There is no formula but we hope the examples below will spark your own ideas and give you a starting point. Take a moment to think about why you give back to Middlebury, both financially and in your time as a volunteer; your own motivation will probably be the most convincing argument you can make. All that it may take is a simple reminder or two from you for them to make an annual gift to Middlebury.

Class Agent Letters

Each fall and spring we work with your class' lead agents to send a message to your class updating them on Middlebury news, the fundraising priorities and encouraging them to make their annual gift. Here are a few examples of some sample letters:

Class Agent Letter Sample 1

Class Agent Letter Sample 2

Email Solicitation Template

Dear [Name],

It is hard to believe how quickly time has passed since our graduation, but I think fondly about our time at Middlebury, and hope that you do too.

I am writing to ask you to consider making a gift to Middlebury. Just as we benefited from the generosity of alumni who came before us, the students at the College today depend on our support. Your gift will be put right to use, helping faculty and students in every area.

You can make your gift online at go.middlebury.edu/give, by phone at 888.367.6433, or by mail to 5 Court Street, Middlebury, VT 05753.

Your participation and support is greatly appreciated!

All the best,


Thank You Template
The most important part of your work is also the easiest part: saying thank you! When one of your contacts makes a gift you will be automatically notified via email, which should make it easy for you to make a timely thank you be it a letter, email or phone call.


Dear [Name],

Thank you for choosing to support Middlebury and for participating in our class gift. Cumulatively, our gifts make a real difference for our college. Your gift will go directly to work supporting the amazing students, faculty, and programs at Middlebury today.

With much appreciation,