Volunteer FAQs

Click on a question below to show the answer. Please feel free to contact us at supportmiddlebury@middlebury.edu for further explanation of any of the points below or to ask us other questions about the Annual Fund and the Class Agent Program.

What counts towards a Reunion gift?

All gifts count towards your class’ reunion giving total.

Online gifts, checks, stock gifts, recurring gifts, gifts to any designation, MiddSTART gifts…all gifts to Middlebury count!

How does a multi-year pledge gift get counted in a reunion year?

The total of your multi-year reunion pledge will be counted in your class’ giving total.

So if you are making a 5 year pledge of $10,000 in your reunion year (that is $2,000 a year for the next 5 years) your final total of $10,000 will be counted in this year’s reunion giving total for your class.

How many people should I contact?

Most Class Agents contact 10-15 classmates, but please contact as few or as many as you can reasonably commit to contacting. We would much prefer that you have a smaller list of classmates, whom you can actually contact, than a larger list of classmates that you may not complete.

Do I have the same classmates I picked to contact last year?

Yes, you do! If you’d like to modify your list, you can do so at any time on Agents in Action or by contacting your staff coordinator.

Can I change the list of classmates to whom I’m assigned?

We absolutely want you to maintain a list of alumni whom you want to contact. You are welcome to modify your list at any time—either adding additional names or removing some from your current list. The easiest way to do that is through Agents in Action or you can also reach out to your staff coordinator, who can add or remove names for you.

How do I see my classmates’ past giving?

Agents in Action allows you to access the past giving information of your assigned classmates. Click here to visit Agents in Action.

If my contacts have already donated in this fiscal year do you want me simply to say thank you, or to ask for more before June?

Middlebury’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30, so no need to ask for an additional gift for participation reasons. Of course, second gifts are always welcome!

If I gave in January through June 2011, do I need to give again before December 31, 2011?

We would very much appreciate it if all Class Agents make at least part of their total gift by the December 31 Early Bird Challenge deadline to be counted in our participation figures. For example, if you plan to commit $100 to Middlebury this year, you can split your gift into a $10 contribution now and the remaining $90 by June 30, 2012.

Do pledges count toward the Early Bird Challenge?

Pledges do not count toward Middlebury’s alumni participation rate,unless they are fulfilled prior to June 30. The Early Bird Challenge is offered to help the College know that we are on track to successfully reach budget goals. So, no, pledges are not part of the Early Bird Challenge count.