Resources for Volunteers


  • Use the Middlebury Volunteer Portal—the College's online database for volunteers—to make your outreach easier. Find it at
  • Get a list of unassigned classmates from which you can choose assignments.
  • View up-to-date giving and contact information for each person on your list.
  • Find templates for contacting classmates.
  • Receive an email notification when one of your assignments makes a gift.
  • Keep track of your work and provide updates and contact notes to your staff coordinator.


Help to build excitement about the College and reunion. Become a social media ambassador for Middlebury; join the M-Bassadors and share Middlebury news with your social networks. Share, comment, like, and/or retweet Midd Alum’s posts. Find friends and class news on your class’s Facebook group.


  • October 19-21
    Attend Alumni Leadership Conference. 
  • End of October
    Select and confirm assignments.
    Prepare to solicit your assigned classmates.
  • Early November
    Class agent and reunion appeal letters mailed.
    Start contacting classmates.
  • December 
    Lead by example: make your gift.
    Winter calling period begins. 
  • December 31
    End of tax year.
  • March
    Spring calling period begins.
    Make more calls to classmates. Take advantage of the March Challenge—March 13–15 this year—to encourage giving.
  • May 27
  • June
    Celebrate Reunion June 8–10.
    Make final calls to assignments who have not yet given.
  • June 30
    End of Middlebury’s fiscal year. You did it—thank you!


You'll find links to everything from sample solicitation conversations to news and social media resources at the links below.

Middlebury Volunteer Portal

Middlebury Magazine

Middlebury News Room

Middlebury Campus

Middlebury Online Community