Class Agents: The Core of the Alumni Network

The Annual Fund is at the heart of the Middlebury experience. Every year thousands of alumni make gifts that have an immediate impact, contributing to everything Middlebury does and benefiting every student.

Class agents make this possible. More than 1,200 agents and reunion committee members volunteer every year—staying in touch with classmates, updating them about the College today, and helping to raise money to support Middlebury.

Class agents strengthen the ties alumni have with one another and the College, and their peer-to-peer fundraising plays a critical role in Middlebury’s development. Since 1940, gifts to the Annual Fund have been an important source of institutional momentum and are the primary way for alumni, parents, and friends to sustain the special features that define Middlebury. The Annual Fund’s success also reflects the impact of shared alumni experience over generations, as each successive generation preserves what’s best about a Middlebury education, enhances it, and passes it on to the next.

Volunteer Roles

Annual Fund Executive Committee

The Annual Fund Executive Committee (AFEC) is a group of alumni leaders who work with the Annual Giving staff to help meet the fundraising goals set by the College. Learn more.

Lead Class Agent

Lead agents are responsible for managing their class's efforts each year, recruiting and managing their agent classmates. They also work with the Annual Giving staff to set goals.


Most volunteers are agents, who serve as frontline fundraisers and are the primary Annual Fund contact for 10 to 20 of their classmates.

Class Agent Updates

Alumni Leadership Conference 2016

We had a great time at Alumni Leadership Conference and Homecoming 2016. We hope you can come next year! Read about ALC and Homecoming 2016 here.

Thanks again to all of you for being great volunteers! Your interest and investment of time are crucial to Middlebury.