Does my $300 enrollment deposit count towards my family contribution and my College bill?
Yes.  The $300 you submit to reserve your place at the College will be applied to your College bill.  Therefore, it is considered part of your family contribution.  When completing the I-20 Application, you may confirm that the deposit has been paid, which will serve as evidence of that portion of your family contribution.
Do I need to bring the full amount of my family contribution with me?

When Student Financial Services (SFS) calculates your financial need and determines if you will receive assistance, they consider all the expenses that you will incur during your fist year at Middlebury. This includes items that Middlebury College bills for, and your own personal expenses.  The comprehensive fee and the student activities fee will appear on your College Bill.  Other expenses (such as books, supplies, personal items and travel), are items that you will need money for throughout the year.  You will need to have funds available to pay for those expenses when you make those purchases.


Can I pay my deposit or charges on my College bill through an electronic transfer of funds?

Yes.  To transfer funds electronically to Middlebury College, please contact the Cashier's office by phone at 1 (802) 443-5375 for instructions.

Can I talk to someone at Middlebury College from my country?

There are students from over 75 countries at Middlebury College, and even if there is not a student from your particular country, there will certainly be someone from your region of the world!  If you are interested in getting in touch with a current Middlebury student from your area of the world, please contact the International Students' Organization (ISO), at

Can I be picked up at the airport?

ISSS assists in coordinating transportation from the Burlington Airport to the Middlebury College campus for new international students who have registered for the Early Arrival pre-orientation program. Airport pick-ups will commence at 9:00 a.m. on the designated Arrival Day and will continue throughout the day. More information about the transportation service will be communicated to students via email in early spring.

If you plan to arrive on another day, you must make your own arrangements for transportation. However, please note you will not be able to move into your room until Arrival Day. Any early off-campus accommodations will be your responsibility.

Can I mail packages to the College prior to my arrival?

The arrival of many first-year students necessitates that packages mailed before the start of the school year to be sent to the Service Building Warehouse. 

Students arriving in September can begin to send packages after August 22, 2016.  Students arriving in February can send packages after February 1, 2017.

New and returning students who are shipping large items to the College should use the following address:

Student Full Name (no nicknames, please)
Student's year (first-year, transfer, or exchange student)
(Box #) Middlebury College
14 Old Chapel Road
Middlebury, VT 05753

Packages should not weigh more than 50 lbs. The Service Building Warehouse will be open from 8:30 am-3 pm during MiddView orientation.  Packages can be picked up by students until September 23. It is helpful to bring the package-tracking number and the name of the shipping company if possible to expedite package retrieval. Please bring your Student ID card.

During the academic year and summer, students who need to ship larger items (i.e., trunks, luggage, special-ordered equipment) to campus should send their items, prepaid, to their individual box number at the campus Mail Center. For more mailing information, please visit

If you order linens through Residence Hall Linens, ship to the bookstore anytime after July 15th.Please use the following address:

Student Name

C/O Middlebury College Bookstore

58 Hepburn Road

Middlebury VT, 05753

Can I arrive early to Middlebury College?

If you have registered for Early Arrival, the pre-orientation program for international students (including exchange and U.S. students living abroad), then you will be allowed to arrive on campus on the designated Arrival Day.  At this time, you will receive access to your residence hall and will be required to reside on campus throughout the duration of the Early Arrival program.  Any friends or family that accompany you to campus will be responsible for reserving their own off-campus lodging and transportation.

If you choose not to attend Early Arrival (we hope you will join us!), then you will receive access to your residence hall on the designated arrival day for MiddView, the College’s new student orientation for all incoming students (attendance is mandatory!).

Students who enter the United States prior to their designated arrival day to the College will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and accommodations.  Early access to residence halls is not possible.

Some students participating in Early Arrival choose to arrive to the Burlington airport late on the night before Arrival Day, or very early the morning of Arrival Day (at 12:04 a.m., for example).  For additional airport or ground transportation information, please visit the Burlington International Airport's website -

International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS)

Service Building - Second Floor
84 South Service Road
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753
P: 802 443-5858
F: 802 443-2063