Invitation Letter Request Form

International guests may need an invitation letter to apply for a tourist visa to visit the U.S. for Commencement or another Middlebury College events. Students who would like us to send an official invitation letter to their guests should complete the online request form.  It is wise to request the invitation letter well in advance of your guest's intended visit as he/she will need to allow time to apply for a visa and make appropriate arrangements to travel.

The invitation letter will be addressed to the guest. The letter can either be sent to the guest directly or to the student so he/she can mail it to the invitee. To complete the form, you will need to know the invited guest's full name and address.


Middlebury student's name

Used in referencing your relationship to your guest (i.e., daughter/son) and in using pronouns (i.e. s/he, his/her) in the letter text.

This is to whom the letter will be written

Only if you want this information included in the letter

Examples: Feb Celebration, May Commencement, or indicate other specific event.

Address to which the letter should be sent

If the letter is sent to the invited guest directly it will be sent via regular US AIR MAIL