Applying to Study Abroad

Middlebury students must apply for pre-approval to study abroad.

Completed applications are due by February 1, 2019 for all 2019-20 applications (academic year, fall, and spring).  We strongly recommend that you make an appointment to speak with an advisor in International Programs before you complete an application.

Schedule advising appointments with staff as follows:

* Stacey Thebodo: All Externally sponsored Programs and the Middlebury-CMRS Oxford Program
* Nicole Chance: Middlebury Schools Abroad: Brazil, Cameroon, Germany, and Spain
* Alessandra Capossela: Middlebury Schools Abroad: Argentina, Chile, Italy, and Uruguay
* Bill Mayers: Middlebury Schools Abroad: China, India, Israel, Jordan, and Morocco
* Susan Parsons: Middlebury Schools Abroad: France, Japan, and Russia

Middlebury Study Abroad Application FAQs

Study Abroad Application for Middlebury College Students
(for study abroad during 2019-20)
Begin your application by selecting a program HERE

Note: Students applying to externally sponsored (non-Middlebury) programs and universities must apply to their programs by their respective deadlines (and beware of rolling admissions - many programs fill long before their deadlines!). Students applying to externally-sponsored programs and universities must complete the Middlebury Study Abroad Application by February 1.

You are welcome to meet with the staff in International Programs and Off-Campus Study at any point to ask questions, learn about your options, and talk about study abroad.