Parent Information

Soon, your son or daughter will be embarking upon what is frequently a life-changing academic, social, and cultural experience with one of the Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad.

This is an exciting time for her/him and for you.  The information included on these pages is to help you better understand the philosophy of our programs as well as the emotions and challenges you can anticipate your student will encounter.

Briefly, in addition to, and as a complement to language and cultural learning, the Middlebury Schools Abroad stress independence, self-reliance, and immersion by encouraging students to take responsibility for their time abroad, beginning with the application process and continuing through the transfer of credit back to the student's home institution.  This approach does not preclude you, the parent, from helping in any way; in fact, involved parents help students adjust more smoothly before, during, and after the study abroad experience.  But students who begin the study abroad process in an independent manner i.e. researching the different sites available, filling out their own paperwork, getting their own visa, making their own travel arrangements, arranging their own housing, etc., transition more easily into the host culture.

As parents, your support is an integral part of your student's success.  By listening and offering sound advice, you provide the pillars of a successful study abroad experience for your student.  But, ultimately, the more students do for themselves before going abroad, the better they will be prepared for the independent nature of our programs when they arrive on-site in the host culture.  Please feel free to contact us at International Programs and Off-Campus Study with any questions or concerns.

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