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Vehicle Rentals

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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Facilities Services maintains a small fleet of vehicles available for the convenience of faculty, staff, and student organizations for College business trips and College sponsored activities only. Vehicle reservations are first come, first served. Availability is limited, so please make your reservation well in advance of your planned departure date.

The campus vehicle fleet consists of:

•    8 Fifteen-Passenger Vans
•    1 Eleven-Passenger Van
•    1 Handicap-Accessible Van
•    5 Mini-Vans
•    2 Ford Focus Hybrid Cars 

Cost is $15.00 per day, plus 40 cents per mile.

When a College vehicle is not available, we will represent you in renting vehicles from Enterprise or Majestic. These "outside" rentals are charged at current vendor rates. Drivers must be 19 years old for Majestic rentals, and 21 years old for Enterprise rentals.

To rent a College vehicle you must:

•    Be over 19 years of age.
•    Hold a valid driver’s license from your state of residence.
•    Requests for rentals must be completed 7 days in advance of departure date.
•    Obtain a Middlebury driver’s license. Driver safety training is a prerequisite for obtaining a College license. Visit the Environmental Health and Safety website for more information.

Students & student organizations must:

•    The student organization Treasurer should submit an online vehicle rental request here on behalf of the group.
•    The driver for the group must fill out a Trip Departure Form prior to leaving.  Trip Departure Forms can be found at go/tripform or be obtained at the Vehicle Rental Office in the Service Building.
•    Individual students working independently from any student organizations should make rental arrangements through their Commons Office.

Faculty & staff...

...must make arrangements through their department budget administrator.



 Picking up Your Rental Vehicle

•    Pick up keys at the Vehicle Rental Office on the 1st floor of the Service Building (enter via doorway to the right of the Biomass Plant).
•    You must show your state license, training certificate(s) and completed driver's license application at time of pick-up.
•    Students must have a completed Trip Departure Form.
•    Travelers who are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask in the vehicle.
•    Vehicles are parked beside Porter Field Road in the Center for the Arts parking lot. A bike rack is provided there for your convenience.
•    Please check the vehicle for damage BEFORE leaving. Your department/organization will be billed for repairs if vehicle returns with damage that was not reported to us prior to your departure.
•    We ask customers to refuel before drop-off, but advise that you check the fuel gauge before leaving. Each key ring is equipped with a p-card.

Returning Your Rental Vehicle

•    Vehicles & keys must be returned by the designated return time. Someone else may be waiting for your vehicle!
•    Please refuel before drop-off as a courtesy to your fellow renters! Each key ring is equipped with a p-card.  Keep all recipts and turn in with the keys and credit card.
•    Drop off vehicles in the designated area in Center for the Arts parking lot along Porter Field Road.
•    Drop off keys and rental tickets at the Vehicle Rental Office on the 1st floor of the Service Building (enter via doorway right of the Biomass Plant).
•    Please report any vehicle damage or cleaning needs immediately to Vehicle Rentals at 443-5462.

Facilities Services takes pride in maintaining its vehicle fleet. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

After Hours:

On weekends, and between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. Monday – Friday, all pick-ups and returns are handled by the Biomass staff.  Instructions are posted at the Biomass entry door. Please note: Vehicle reservations are only processed during regular office hours.

Place a Vehicle Rental Request Now

For questions related to Vehicle Rentals, please call 443-5462 or