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Vehicle Rental Policy

All vehicle rentals, both internal and local external (including Burlington and Rutland), must be arranged through the Facilities Services Office (Service Building, ext. 5462) 7 days in advance of departure date.

Vehicle rental requests, for student or department use, must be approved by the appropriate budget administrator. No rentals are authorized for personal use. All authorized drivers (faculty, staff or students) are required to apply for and obtain a Middlebury College driver’s license from the Department of Public Safety, and, additionally, are required to pass a driver's test and complete a safe driving workshop for 12 and 15-passenger van use. The Department of Public Safety will require proof of a valid driver's license.

Outside rental use, in most cases, requires that the driver be at least 19 years of age. The outside rental agency will require proof of a valid driver's license for each driver authorized and approved to operate the vehicle. A Middlebury College driver’s license is also required for outside authorized rentals.

The Facilities Services Office will require the rental departure and return dates (including time), destination, department index number, name of driver or drivers, rental authorization, and proof of a valid Middlebury College driver’s license and valid state license.

Unauthorized use of any rental vehicle will result in suspension of all driving privileges of College-owned vehicles and College-authorized outside rentals.

The use of cell phones by drivers of College-owned vehicles and College-authorized outside rentals is prohibited. 

rev. (7/17/17)