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Staff Recognition Awards


These awards have been endowed through the generosity of Rudolf K. Haerle, Jr., Professor Emeritus of Sociology, who wished through his gift to recognize the importance of staff to the Middlebury College community.  Professor Haerle hoped especially to recognize dedicated employees from the dining and facilities areas of the College with these awards.  Nominees are evaluated on the following principles:

  • Leadership – initiative, innovation, spirit, offering encouragement and setting an admirable example for others to follow; leadership not necessarily part of a job description, but rather an inherent quality of a co-worker, someone from whom we learn
  • Stewardship – demonstrates concern for the comfort and beauty of the environment that the College Community shares; stewardship of our resources suggests a person who considers his or her actions and weighs the impact on the greater community
  • Attitude – good will, patience, tolerance, abiding concern for others, a voice of reason; attitudes of our co-workers can set the tone for a civil and more enjoyable community
  • Community Service – volunteer service can make a tangible difference within our College Community and in our surrounding area; the College relies heavily on volunteers to fill committees; volunteers are vital to our local fire departments, rescue squads, humane societies, schools, and myriad other organizations

Debby Anderson, Box Office Manager
JJ Boggs, Associate Dean of Students for Student Activities & Orientation
Jane Bushey Anderson, Supervisor, MiddExpress
Jennifer Pottinger, Customer Services Coordinator for Facilities Services

Peggy Burns, Director of Internships, Center for Careers and Internships
Nancy Parsons, Catering & Convenience Food Coordinator, Retail Food Operations
Tom Sheluga, Laboratory Stores Manager, Sciences Tech Support Services
Mary Carr Stanley, Space Manager, Facilities Services

Cindy Leno, Custodial, Facilities Services
Diane Munroe, Coordinator for Community Based Environmental Studies, Environmental Studies
Brent Simons, Ross Commons Dining Manager, Dining Services
Arlinda Wickland, Director, Student Fellowships & Health Professions Advising, Education in Action

Harold "Butch" Atkins, Ice Rink Co-Manager for Athletics
Eric R. Leno, Technical Leader - Plumbing for Facilities Services
Tiffany Sargent, Director of Alliance for Civic Engagement
Nina Stowe, Counter Worker Barista for Dining Services

Kristen Devoid, Barista at the Wilson Café
Norma Leduc, Assistant Director of Aquatics
Robert Preseau, Receiving Coordinator for Facilites Services
Liz Ross, Associate Director of International Programs and Off-Campus Study

Dawn Boise, Commons Dining Room Manager, Dining Services
Franci Farnsworth, Coordinator of Sponsored Research, Academic Affairs
Steve Goodman, Manager of Mailing Services and Reprographics, Reprographics
Linda Langeway, Custodian, Facilities Services

Renee Brown, CAOS/Academic Department Coordinator in
American Studies
Phil Cyr, Delivery Worker, Facilities Services
Priscilla Latreille, DIS Steward, Dining Services
Donna M. Paquette, Custodial Team Leader, Facilities Services

Georgia Best, Assistant Bookstore Manager, College Store
Deborah Hotte, Dining room Servery Worker, Dining Services
Bryan Merrill, Equipment Manager, Athletics
Gerry Tetrault, Maintenance Carpenter, Facilities Services

Charlene Barrett, Department Coordinator, Religion and 
Patti McCaffrey, Assistant Banquet Chef, Dining Services
Ann McLean, Department Coordinator, Geography and Psychology
Mike Wakefield, Maintenance Electrician, Facilities Services

Ed DeMatties, Maintenance Carpenter, Facilities Management
Amy Holbook, Coordinator, Economics Department
Mary Reed, Catering Coordinator, Dining Services
Joanna Shipley, Coordinator, Biology Department

JoAnn Brewer, Office of Learning Resources
Rick James, Library & Information Services
Rita Pelkey, Dining Services
Harold Strassner, Facilities Management

Wayne (Pat) Broughton, Dining Services
Cris Butler, Science Technical Support Services
Kathy Foley-Giorgio, Dean of Student Affairs Office
Wayne Hall, Facilities Management

Thomas Cutter, Library & Information Services
Paul LaRocque, Dining Services
Linda Ross, Facilities Management
Charlotte Tate, Rohatyn Center for International Affairs

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