Entering Time for Emergency Closure Time Periods

When the College closes unexpectedly due to weather conditions or another emergency situation certain time entry guidelines apply. Staff members who are deemed to be essential personnel and who work during the time period of closure will be compensated at a premium rate.   Please use the following instructions and examples as guidelines for time entry during pay periods that include an emergency closure period. This information will be included in the time entry reminder email for any pay periods that are affected by this type of closure as well.  

  • Hourly employees who were scheduled to work but did not work while the College was closedsimply enter Reg time (for example, if someone was scheduled to work from 4:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. while the College was closed, they should enter 8 hours, referencing the appropriate shift differential).
  • Hourly employees who DID work while the College was closed will be instructed to manually increase the time reported by 50% (for example, if someone worked 8 hours while the College was closed they should enter 12 hours, again referencing the appropriate shift differential).  It should be noted that under this approach the extra time has the potential to "compound" in that it does count toward the regular 40 hour overtime (OT) threshold.  For example, if someone was scheduled to, and did, work 40 hours but 8 of the hours were during the "closed" period the total hours reported would be (an inflated) 44, which would mean the employee would also get 4 hours of 1/2 time OT on top of what s/he already got.  Any extra pay would, of course, be in addition to any regular shift differential that might be due ($0.60 evenings, $1.50 nights).

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