COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester


To ensure that our resources are managed to their optimal level, all requests for staffing (replacement and new positions) will be reviewed by the Ways and Means Committee (WMC), unless they are 100% grant funded.  The WMC, working with members of the Senior Leadership Group, will continue to balance the needs of the individual units and the institution through this review.

Managers should continue to submit all staffing requests through PeopleAdmin. Human Resources and the Budget office will support managers in this process and provide information to VPs and other members of the SLG and to the WMC for review. Human Resources and the Budget Office do not approve new positions or replacement hires.

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Initiate request —Following a discussion with the responsible VP or SLG member, the hiring manager initiates a request for a new position or replacement in PeopleAdmin.
  2. Job description and compensation review – Human Resources assigns/determines the job number, band, level and hiring minimum following a review of the job description and internal and external metrics.
  3. Budget review – The Budget Office will confirm the availability of funds.
  4. Vice President or SLG member approval - The Vice President of the department or responsible member of the SLG will review the request and determine if he/she supports the request.
  5. WMC Review – HR will gather and summarize all VP/SLG endorsed requests for review at the next WMC meeting. 100% grant funded positions will not be subject to WMC review.
  6. Final decision  - WMC will review requests in consultation with the responsible vice president and make a make a final decision on the request.


Ways and Means Committee (WMC) Members:

Jeffrey Cason, EVP & Provost

Hannah RossGeneral Counsel, Chief of Staff, & Secretary to the Corporation

David Provost, Executive VP, Finance and Administration

Human Resources
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