Making a Staffing Request

Whenever a position vacancy is created, either by the creation of a new position, or when an employee leaves that position a requisition must be submitted in PeopleAdmin to be reviewed for approval.

To begin this process you must have:

  • A PeopleAdmin account. PeopleAdmin uses CAS authentication so your user id and password will be the same one that you use to login to your system each day. If you are not able to login to PeopleAdmin, please contact Human Resources.
  • The job title and number that you need to re-fill.  When you login to PeopleAdmin you will only be able to initiate an action on positions that you supervise.
  • The job description for all existing positions already exist in PeopleAdmin. PeopleAdmin will be our new repository for job descriptions and hiring managers will have the ability to update job descriptions as needed. Click here to review available descriptions. 
  • The position assessment form is now a part of the requisition process in PeopleAdmin. You will no longer need to upload this as an additional document when you submit a requisition. Your PAF will also save with the position so that you can refer back to it for future requests. (You will still be able to upload an org chart for your area during the requisition process.)

To view instructions for how to enter a requisition in PeopleAdmin for a new position click here.

To replace existing positions complete these steps.

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