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Policy on Travel Costs Associated with Candidate Interviews

The costs associated with bringing candidates to the Middlebury campus for job interviews will be funded by Human Resources in accordance with the following:

I. Eligibility - The HR recruitment budget can support no more than one visit to campus for (up to) two candidates per search. Any additional travel will be at the expense of the hiring department or the candidate.

II. Guidelines -


  • A phone interview is required before bringing the candidate to campus.
  • A candidate’s driving distance must be greater than 75 miles (radius) in order to be eligible for a mileage reimbursement through Human Resources.
  • Flying distance must be greater than 200 miles (radius) in order to qualify for airfare & car rental reimbursement.

Note: Adequate advanced planning is required to ensure that the College is demonstrating fiscal responsibility when purchasing airline tickets.

Lodging: Moderately priced lodging is provided if the travel distance to Middlebury exceeds a 200 mile radius.


  • Any meals associated with candidate travel will be at the candidate’s expense. 
  • Any meals associated with the interview process will be at the hiring department’s expense.

III. Process - The hiring department is responsible for making travel arrangements on behalf of the candidate. Account information can be obtained from your employment team representative in the HR office in order for flight arrangements to be made through one of the College sanctioned travel agents. Completed vouchers and receipts also should be forwarded to HR so that the appropriate account information can be assigned to the voucher and then delivered to the Accounts Payable Office for processing.

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