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I need to hire someone in my department. What do I do?

Whether you are requesting a new position or rehiring for an existing position, you will need to begin by submitting a requisition in PeopleAdmin. We have compiled resources about this process under the heading "Hiring Staff" in addition, you can always use the go shortcut go/hire.

What should I do in an emergency situation?

Go to the Emergency Response page (go/er) which includes links to information about who to call and what to do in the case of a variety of different emergencies.

What do I do if an employee gets hurt on the job?

Help the employee to follow the procedures outlined on the "If you are injured" page under Safety and Workers Comp. Also be sure to complete the Supervisor Accident Report form.

FAQs for Managers

Below we've listed some commonly asked questions and answers. If you have a question that isn't answered here please contact Human Resources and we will be happy to help you!

What do I do when an employee hands in their letter of resignation?

To help you with this process the HR office has created a resignation checklist for managers and employees to ensure that all steps are completed correctly. In addition, please visit the resignation form here to notify HR of this change in employment.


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