Please be kind to the staff at the recycling center,
the more you sort, the less we have to!

Faculty, Staff and Students are expected to empty and sort their own trash and recycling at the Centralized Recycling Stations located throughout every campus building. These stations are placed with consideration to building use and fire code. Each station has at least one trash, one paper and one glass, metal and plastic bin. We adjust the number of bins at each station depending on the needs of the building.

5 Ingredients to Successful Recycling

1. You, as our waste hero!

2. Your blue recycle bin in your room or work area.

  • bluebinPut CLEAN paper, cardboard, boxboard (i.e. cereal boxes), glass, plastic (#1-7), empty aerosol cans, aluminum and tin in the blue bin in your room/office. All recyclables can be combined in your blue bin.

3.  Your gray/black/tan trash bin

  • greybinPut wrappers, styrofoam, tissues, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and other non-recyclable material in your trash bin.

4.  Your building's compost bin

  • Put all food waste, compostable food containers and utensils (anything from dining halls, the Grille, and other on-campus cafes), and tea bags into the compost bin. 

5.  Your building's waste station

  • color signsTake your recycling and trash bins to the waste station in your dorm/office when they are full.
  • Put the contents of your bins into the corresponding larger bins.

Tips to Minimize Waste

  • Ask yourself: "Do I need this?"
  • Try to purchase products that:
  1. Are designed to last a long time (long warranties and repair service options when appropriate)
  2. Have replaceable parts and are easy to repair
  3. Can be easily reused or recycled
  4. Are made from recycled materials
  5. Do not contain toxic materials
  6. Have minimal packaging, if any