End of the Year Clean Out

Take care of your waste, recycling, and reusable items before you move out!

  1. Use plastic bags from your dorm kitchen to collect items.
  2. Bring your unwanted books to the College Bookstore or sell them to a used bookstore of your choice.
  3. Return borrowed dishes to your favorite dining hall.
  4. Bring needles (sharps) to Parton Health Center.
  5. Bring hazardous wastes such as batteries, spent CFL’s, paints, etc. to E-Waste towers (at Davis Library, McCullough by mailroom, BiHall, Proctor, Ross, and Franklin Environmental Center).
  6. Bring recyclables and trash to the centralized recycling station in your dorm; sort into the appropriate bins.
  7. Bring reusables to special collections sites starting mid-May.
  8. Bring all unwanted furniture, appliances, wood, bicycles, carpets, lamps, cement blocks and other large, reusable items to the College Recycling Center or to a Drop Zone outside all large dorms starting mid-May.

End of the Year Clean Out

Every year at the beginning of May, Waste Management staff start gearing up for the annual process of cleaning out the dorms.  This process includes setting up additional sorting stations at the Recycling Center, renting additional roll-off's, and distributing extra bins to the dorms.

With only one week to prepare the buildings for Reunion, each trade area of Facilities Services plays a key role in this process.  The buildings are divided up and routes are done twice a day; trucks roll from 7:30 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon.  We look at everything (almost); working to reuse and recycle all that is possible.

Special Collection Stations

-are set up in all large dorms the first week in May.  These Stations are designed to offer students a convenient way of getting rid of their unwanted belongings.  These stations collect clothing, books, kitchenware, shampoos, nonperishable food, electronics and anything else that might be reused.

Drop Zones

-are set up outside all large dorms the week of finals.  Students are asked to bring their large unwanted items to one of these locations.  Items commonly collected are cement blocks, wood, bicycles, plastic dressers, shelves, tables, chairs and carpets.  Facilities staff transport items collected to the Recycling Center where a decision to save or toss is made.

For questions regarding the End of the Year Clean Out
email the Waste Management Staff @