End of the Year Clean Out

Take care of your waste, recycling, and reusable items before you move out!

  1. Use plastic bags from your dorm kitchen to collect items.
  2. Bring your unwanted books to the College Bookstore.
  3. Return borrowed dishes to your favorite dining hall.
  4. Bring needles (sharps) to Parton Health Center.
  5. Bring hazardous wastes such as batteries, spent CFL’s, paints, etc. to the college recycling center or the special collections sites starting May 9th.
  6. Bring recyclables and trash to the centralized recycling station in your dorm; Sort into the appropriate bins.
  7. Bring reusables to special collections sites starting May 9th.
  8. Bring all unwanted furniture, appliances, wood, bicycles, carpets, lamps, cement blocks and other large, reusable items to the College Recycling Center or to a Drop Zone outside all large dorms starting May 17th.