FAQs for Recycling

Does it matter whether I sort through my garbage?

Yes, it makes a big difference! Please be kind to the staff at the recycling center, the more you sort, the less we have to!

What do I use the blue recycling bin for?

Paper, cardboard, boxboard (i.e. cereal boxes), glass, plastics #1-7 (i.e. containers, jugs, bottles, grocery bags, etc.), aluminum, tin, empty aerosol cans

What items CANNOT be recycled?

Anything not listed in question 2, with the exception of special recyclables like light bulbs and electronics, which have their own disposal processes.

What do I do with food-contaminated recyclables?

Use your judgement. Grease spots or Gatorade droplets are OK, congealed cheese on a pizza box or food stuck to aluminum foil are not.

What do I do with large cardboard boxes?

Break them down and place them on the floor next to the recycling station in your building.

What do I do with electronics?

Electronics (i.e. computer parts, AC adapters, iPods, headphones, speakers, ink cartridges) should all be taken to the Recycling Center, either by taking them directly or by sending through campus mail. Electronics brought to the recycling center are sent to Good Point Recycling. Cell phones should be disposed of in prepaid envelopes, and then placed in the mail. Prepaid envelopes for cell phones can be found at Proctor Bookstore, Library, Recycling Center, Hillcrest, Kenyon Circulation Desk, McCullough Mailroom, Service Building Stockroom, and all Commons offices.

What do I do with batteries?

Special battery disposal bins can be found in every dorm next to the centralized recycling stations, usually on the first floor. They can also be found by the McCullough mailroom, Proctor Bookstore, BiHall, Service Building Stockroom, and Library. If you can't find one, ask a member of your custodial team.

What do I do with compact fluorescent light bulbs?

CFLs are considered hazardous waste, so please dispose of them in the special CFL disposal buckets located in: Atwater, Brainerd, Cook, Ross, and Wonnocott Commons offices, Service Building Stockroom, Recycling Center, Hillcrest, and Proctor Bookstore. If a CFL breaks, call facilities to help you clean it up and dispose of it properly.

What can I do with unwanted clothing, books, and housewares?

Books: The College Bookstore is interested in receiving all used books. Students can make this process efficient by taking books directly to the bookstore.

Clothing and other unwanted textiles: Round Robin, Neat Repeats, HOPE, and the College Recycling Center.

Other useable items such as housewares, kitchen gadgets, furniture, etc. can be taken to the College Recycling Center. There is always someone looking for your unwanted stuff!