The newest baler at the MRF is an EXEL 63. It is mostly used to bale paper into 1,200 pound cubes held together with wires, but is also used to bale tin and cardboard. Of course each material is baled separately and the baler is cleaned out before switching materials. In an effort to make the system as efficient as possible, a pit was installed so that when the cardboard truck dumps the cardboard (about 7,000 pounds every week!), it is pushed into the pit, rather than having to be lifted up into the baler. Similarly, there is a chute directly from the tin storage mezzanine directly into the baler to minimize energy needed to move it.
Baler Excel   63Bales
Trash compactor
Glass pulverizor

The Material Recovery Facility

The MRF is an on-campus facility where the hard work of employees ensures that over 60% of waste from the campus never reaches a land fill! Click on the features below to learn about how the facility operates.