COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Evaluating Job Performance

Student Employment encourages annual performance reviews of all student employees. These meetings allow students and supervisors to establish performance expectations and goals for the future and to review previously communicated performance expectations and development plans. The process also establishes the link between job performance and student learning outcomes.

Evaluation Process

  1. The supervisor notifies the student employee of the upcoming evaluation. The employee should review his/her job description and complete a self-evaluation of his/her job performance. The supervisor reviews the employee job description, completes the written evaluation (which can be found here), and schedules a review meeting with the employee.
  2. At the review meeting, the supervisor and student employee go over their written evaluations and outline ways to improve performance. Jointly, they agree on the employee's development plan, with the goals and steps for enhancing performance. This is the time to review and update the job description.
  3. Following the review meeting both employee and supervisor sign the evaluation. The signature indicates that the meeting occurred. The employee must be shown all changes or additions to the form and have an opportunity to comment on them.
  4. The materials are sent to the Student Employment Office for review of content and procedure. Completed materials remain in Student Employment and are available to student employees and their supervisors.