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Summer 2020 Employment Information

IMPORTANT-  As we transfer to the Oracle HCM, Banner is in a frozen state, meaning no new hires can be processed and current employment data can not be altered.  Students may not start new positions during this freeze period and will need to wait until Oracle HCM go-live to begin work.

Summer 2020 Calendar 


Students and Supervisors: please read the Summer Student Employee Handbook for details regarding summer employment for Middlebury College students. Important information is also provided below.

We recognize that student employment is very important, both for the students who depend on the income and for academic continuity in particular areas. Here is how we are approaching student hiring for the foreseeable future:

  • Summer Hires: Grant-funded and educational continuity positions. The academic administration continues to assess if and how the summer research program might be feasible and will make a determination soon.

Every student hired to work for Middlebury College between May 20th and September 12th must complete and submit a 2020 Summer Student Employment Agreement to the Student Employment Office by 5pm on April 22nd, 2020.  This form is required for ANY AND ALL summer jobs regardless of whether the student requests on campus housing or not and must be completed by the student.  Students will need to apply officialy via PeopleAdmin.  To qualify for a student position you must be registered for the term. Please allow time for all parties to complete the form.

Work, as a student employee, from international locations is not permissable.

Note: 2020 graduates can NOT work in a student position and may NOT live in student housing. Please visit the staff job opportunities page on the college website for available staff positions. For information on hiring a recent graduate please contact Human Resources at

* Students will receive a confirmation email regarding their summer employment dates by May 8th.  You will receive an email for each position you hold.

Any changes or corrections must be submitted to SEO by noon on Monday, April 27th. 


This Year:

* Summer Employment is from May 20th through September 12th.

* Only students who have a fall 2020 housing assignment will be allowed to live on campus past Wednesday, August 26th.

Find a Job

Click on the "Find A Job" link to the left of the page to search for on campus summer opportunities (additional jobs will appear as they become available).  All summer jobs must be posted by Supervisors on PeopleAdmin and students must apply.  Your application is required in order for the Supervisor to submit the Hirng Proposal.  If you are currently in a position that will be rolling over to summer or have worked in in the past you do not need to apply online but you will need to select the applicable rehire option on your Summer Agreement.

Summer Research

Faculty members with approved mentored faculty-student research positions must complete a Summer Research Assistant (SRA) form.  This form confirms that the research meets the criteria outlined in the Policies and Procedures for Summer Research Assistants.  The form is completed online at the Undergraduate Research Office Website and is due by April 17.  From the URO website, click "Summer Research Assistant (SRA) form" under URO Funding and Forms, or type go/SRA in your address bar in your web browser.