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Summer 2020 Employment Information

Summer 2020 Calendar 


Students and Supervisors: please read the Summer Student Employee Handbook for details regarding summer employment for Middlebury College students. Important information is also provided below.

Every student hired to work for Middlebury College between May 20th and September 12th must complete and submit a 2020 Summer Student Employment Agreement to the Student Employment Office by 5pm on April 15, 2020.  This form is required for ANY AND ALL summer jobs regardless of whether the student requests on campus housing or not and must be completed by the student.  Students will need to apply officialy via PeopleAdmin.  To qualify for a student position you must be registered for the term. Please allow time for all parties to complete the form.

 Remote work for summer employees cannot be approved, this is due to varying wage and labor laws across the United States.  Work from international locations is not permissable.

Note: 2020 graduates can NOT work in a student position and may NOT live in student housing. Please visit the staff job opportunities page on the college website for available staff positions. For information on hiring a recent graduate please contact Human Resources at

* Students will receive a confirmation email regarding their summer employment dates on Friday, April 24th.  You will receive an email for each position you hold.

Students who do not have an on campus housing assignment for Fall 2020 can not remain in Summer housing after August 26th.

Any changes or corrections must be submitted to SEO by noon on Monday, April 27th. Confirmation emails will contain directions on meal plan enrollment and housing requests.


This Year:

* Summer Employment is from May 20th through September 12th.

* If available, summer student employee housing will be assigned to those who request it. All students should anticipate having a roommate. Housing requests are processed by Res Life on a first come, first serve basis.

* Meal Plan enrollment is optional for all student summer employees.  Students who enroll in a summer meal plan by April 27th will recieve an extra $50 in declining balance dollars.

* It is strongly recommended that all work begin on a Monday and end on a Friday as housing charges will be billed in weekly increments with weeks beginning Sunday and ending Saturday.

* Students that do NOT have a spring 2020 housing assignment will be allowed to move on campus no earlier than 1PM on Tuesday, May 26th.

* Only students who have a fall 2020 housing assignment will be allowed to live on campus past Wednesday, August 26th.

* Students that are requesting housing anytime between August 26th and September 12th, must have secured a job that has been given an approved extension from SEO, must have an active fall housing assignment and must be working the minimum 30 hours per week for each wee, until classes begin. No students will be allowed to move on campus between Monday, August 03 and Friday, August 27th.

Find a Job

Click on the "Find A Job" link to the left of the page to search for on campus summer opportunities (additional jobs will appear as they become available).  All summer jobs must be posted by Supervisors on PeopleAdmin and students must apply.  Your application is required in order for the Supervisor to submit the Hirng Proposal.  If you are currently in a position that will be rolling over to summer or have worked in in the past you do not need to apply online but you will need to select the applicable rehire option on your Summer Agreement.

Campus Housing

In May all students who have submitted an Employment Agreement will receive a Housing Questionnaire from Res Life.

On campus housing is $80 per week and covers housing and activities fees. You will be assigned a room based on availability.

Students are eligible for on campus housing only if they work at least 30 hours per week and are enrolled Middlebury students or are a student from another undergraduate college here for the purpose of summer research and being paid by Middlebury. Students are only eligible for housing during the time they are working and they must be employed the entire time they are on campus. 

Housing may begin no earlier than one day prior to beginning work and may end no later than one day after completing work.

The earliest students can move into summer housing is 1 PM on Tuesday, May 26th. As of that time, touchpad codes will be displayed on their StarRez portal.

All summer jobs with on campus housing must conclude by August 26th, the end of summer housing. Summer job extensions/early fall arrivals previously approved by the Student Employment Office are the only exceptions.  Supervisors: see the Job Extension/Early Arrival Request Form.

Summer Meal Plan

To enroll in a summer meal plan you can submit the Summer Meal Plan enrollment form.

Summer Employees have the option of enrolling in a summer meal plan.  This is not required and can be purchased by students who are living on or off campus.  The summer meal plan has two options-

Option 1- 50 Dining Hall swipes and $300 Declining Balance dollars.

                Cost- $500

Option 2- 100 Dining Hall Swipes and $600 Declining Balance dollars.


Retail Locations will be open for Breakfast and Lunch June 8th.  The Dining Hall is open June 15th through brunch on August 14th.  Declining Balance dollars can be used at any of our on-campus retail locations: The Grille, MiddExpress and Wilson Café.  All dining hall meals must be taken at designated summer employee areas.

Start date:  6/15/20 

Summer End Date: 8/14

Summer Charges

Charges for summer housing and meals are assessed to the individual’s account.  Housing charges are billed in weekly increments with weeks beginning Sunday and ending Saturday. Payment will be due in full by August 01. 

Any changes or corrections to housing requests must be submitted by the deadline stated in the housing confirmation email. After this period, changes will only be considered by formal appeal and only for unanticipated hardships. Changes will not be considered retroactively.

Living Off Campus

Summer student employees living off-campus must also submit a Summer Employment Agreement and complete a Housing Questionaire.    Students that choose to live off campus for the summer are required to depart from campus by the posted Residential Life deadlines and may not return to campus or move into fall term housing until September 13th, even with an approved job extension.

Summer Research

Faculty members with approved mentored faculty-student research positions must complete a Summer Research Assistant (SRA) form.  This form confirms that the research meets the criteria outlined in the Policies and Procedures for Summer Research Assistants.  The form is completed online at the Undergraduate Research Office Website and is due by April 17.  From the URO website, click "Summer Research Assistant (SRA) form" under URO Funding and Forms, or type go/SRA in your address bar in your web browser.