COVID-19: Essential Information

General Summer Employment Information

 Additional Summer 2021 details are forthcoming and we will continue to make updates as information becomes available.  We understand many of you have been waiting for this information and we thank you for youcontinued patience.  

The summer employment term runs from June 1st to September 12th.  Employment may start and end throughout the time frame but may be impacted by any housing need, associated restrictions and other summer campus policies.

Remote Work- Similar to the Academic Year, any position that can work remotely must continue to do so for the summer.  Students are eligible to work remotely as long as they are located within the United States, work from international locations is not permissible.  Faculty who are interested in internationally located Research Assistants should contact URO for non-employment options.

  • Remote summer work may begin as early as June 1. 
  • Remote employees must be located within the United States. 
  • Positions that are approved for remote work are not eligible for on-campus summer housing, dining plans, or for the use of on campus facilities. 
  • Student employees working remotely, and their supervisors, will receive a remote work agreement that must be completed to maintain accurate work records. 
  • Student employees may work no more than 40 hours per week, accumulative across all Middlebury College positions.


On Campus Work- Student employees may work in person if the job requires on site work and cannot be completed remotely.  

Similar to other Staff, students may live locally and travel to campus for approved work while following all campus COVID safety guidelines.  Use of dining and other campus facilities is not available to student employees without an on-campus summer housing assignment.

  • In-person summer work may begin as early as June 1. 
  • Please review all health and safety protocols with your supervisor and ensure you are adhering to your department’s return-to-work plan. 
  • The director of Environmental Health and Safety has released a COVID-19 training module for all student employees, and we anticipate updates will be made for the summer. Once updated, a link will be provided, and must be completed by all student employees working in person. 
  • Student employees may work no more than 40 hours per week, accumulative across all Middlebury College positions.

Summer Hiring Proposals are due by May 3rd.

On Campus Housing- Housing will only be available for students who are employed in approved on campus work and working 30 or more hours per week. 

For those who are eligible-

  • Summer housing is not guaranteed, and priority will be given to students who are employed in positions that must work in person on campus. On-campus housing may be available for students working remotely for the College if there is capacity.  
  • Students must work a minimum of 30 hours per week to qualify for housing. This may be a combination of remote and in-person positions. 
  • Housing move-in dates are limited. 
    • Students with spring housing assignments should remain on campus after exams and will move to summer housing on June 7 and June 8. 
    • Students that leave campus before June 1, are currently remote learners or are on leave, will arrive to campus housing on June 24 ONLY. Prearrival quarantine, COVID-19 arrival testing, and campus quarantine may be required.  
  • Housing is billed per week at a cost of $80/week. 
  • Summer housing ends on August 7. Students may depart campus on 08/07 and continue to work remotely if applicable and aithorized by their supervisor.

Please contact with any questions related to housing.

Dining- Dining options will be available beginning June 1st

  • Dining plans may be purchased by students living on campus and are not available to students living off campus.

Please contact with any questions.

Note: All students must be fully vaccinated in order to live and work on campus, unless they have a documented medical or religious exemption. See Summer Planning and Requirements. Fully vaccinated means that two weeks have passed since a person received the final dose of their vaccine.                                                                                    

Supervisors can find processing requirements for summer employment here.

Every student hired to work for Middlebury College between Graduation and the first day of Fall classes must apply via PeopleAdmin and have a hiring proposal submitted by their supervisor.  This form is required for ANY AND ALL summer jobs.   To qualify for a summer student employment position (non-SRA) you must be registered for Fall term. The hiring proposal must be submitted by May 3rd.

Note: 2021 graduates can NOT work in a student position. Please visit the staff job opportunities page on the college website for available staff positions. For information on hiring a recent graduate please contact Human Resources at

* Students will receive a confirmation email regarding their summer employment dates once the hiring proposal is processed.  

Any changes or corrections must be submitted to SEO by noon on Friday, May 7th. 

Find a Summer Job

Click on the "Find A Job" link to the left of the page to search for on campus summer opportunities (additional jobs will appear as they become available).  All summer jobs must be posted by Supervisors on PeopleAdmin and students must apply.  Your application is required in order for the Supervisor to submit the Hiring Proposal.  If you are currently in a position that will be rolling over to summer or have worked in in the past, you must apply to a summer specific posting to allow for correct processing.

Summer Research

Faculty members with approved mentored faculty-student research positions must complete a Summer Research Assistant (SRA) form.  This form confirms that the research meets the criteria outlined in the Policies and Procedures for Summer Research Assistants.  The form is completed online at the Undergraduate Research Office Website and is due by April 17.  From the URO website, click "Summer Research Assistant (SRA) form" under URO Funding and Forms, or type go/SRA in your address bar in your web browser.

Language Pledge® 

“Everyone working on the Middlebury campus in the summer is expected to respect the Language Pledge®. This includes academic year students who are employed by various Middlebury service departments (Library, ITS, Media Services, etc.) and summer research students.  For the duration of the summer, these students play a key role in facilitating the academic program of approximately 1,250 people from all over the world who are here to immerse themselves in language and culture. All Language Schools students have pledged to speak, hear, read, and write only the language they are studying. Language School students (including Middlebury College undergraduate students who are attending) are not permitted to attend social events where English is spoken, nor are they allowed to use English except as required to obtain essential services outside their Schools. We rely on your discretion in using English (conversation, playing radios and stereos, etc.) also in places where you are likely to encounter Language School students—particularly in the dining hall, library, fitness center, pool, and other shared facilities. While we recognize that the responsibility for adhering to the Language Pledge® rests with Language Schools students themselves, you can help them by not initiating any interaction.”  – VP of Language Schools, Schools Abroad, Grad Programs; Professor of German