Job Extension/Early Arrival Request Form

As you may know, all summer student jobs must end by Language School Commencement, which is August 15 this year.  Occasionally students are needed to work after this date.  As in the past, this must first be approved.  Supervisors must submit a request by March 7 for the job extension/early arrival, prior to hiring a student.  The request must meet the criteria listed below before being considered.  Notification of the decision will be given by the end of March for requests received by the deadline.

Please keep in mind the time between the end of Language School and the beginning of the fall term is short for the work that needs to occur to get dorms and classrooms ready for September.  Students that are housed during this time may have to move several times, endure construction projects, and may not have water every day due to renovations that are needed.  We can only approve those jobs absolutely necessary during that time period.

Note: Students may not begin work after Monday, August 4th or before Friday, August 22nd if they are requesting on campus housing. The intent is to limit the number of students returning to campus before fall housing begins on Friday, August 22nd. 

This form should be submitted if:

  • A student is working during the summer and will continue working after August 15.
  • A student will be returning to campus prior to September 5 for the purpose of working on campus.

If you hire a student that does not need on campus housing, an approved extension is not necessary.

Criteria for Job End Date Extension or Early Arrival:

  • Position is needed to maintain open hours for the department (there is NO staff coverage);
  • Position fulfills duties that must be accomplished after August 15 that no staff position can fulfill;
  • There are research-related reasons requiring that a student work past August 15.

Submit the form below by March 7th, 2014.


Enter the number of students you are requesting work in the position above between August 15 and September 6. SEO will notify you of the number of approved student employees that can be housed on campus during this time period.

Given the criteria above, please explain why you would like to have the job end date for this position extended past August 15 (or, if an early arrival, why you are requesting the job to begin earlier than September 6). Please also explain why you think the number you have requested is appropriate.

Please enter your email address if you would like a copy of this submission.