Summer Student Employee Handbook

Note: Information on whom to contact, phone numbers and email addresses are listed at the end of the Summer Student Employment Handbook. Please read the entire handbook and direct questions to the appropriate office. 

The College expects summer student employees to accomplish their tasks and duties competently and responsibly.  Further, summer student employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and acceptable manner at all times while residing and working on campus. Regardless of whether they are living on or off campus, all summer student employees are expected to adhere to all Middlebury College Handbook policies that govern student behavior during the academic year as well as to the policies in the Summer Student Employee Handbook.

Given that summer student employees are employees of the College as well as students, problematic behavior may be addressed as an employment matter and/or as a student disciplinary matter as appropriate to the situation. The College may also impose disciplinary action to address employment-related concerns, which may include a verbal warning, a written warning, and/or termination from employment. Every action need not be taken in each case and the College reserves the right to terminate the at-will employment of any employee at any time, with or without cause or notice. If employment is terminated, housing and on campus privileges will be terminated as well.

Disciplinary actions to address policy violations outside of the context of the summer student employee’s employment may include the loss of campus housing and campus privileges, as well as any processes and outcomes designated in the Middlebury College Handbook.



Every undergraduate student hired to work for Middlebury College during the summer must complete and submit a Summer Student Employment & Housing Agreement to the Student Employment Office (SEO) by the deadline stated on the agreement (this includes students from another undergraduate college here for the purpose of summer research and being paid by Middlebury). Students are responsible for ensuring their completed agreement(s) is submitted to SEO on time. Housing may not be assigned if agreements are submitted after the deadline. On campus housing is limited during the summer and is not guaranteed. If abroad, supervisors/faculty mentors may submit an agreement on behalf of the student; however, the student must send SEO an email from their Middlebury email account acknowledging and agreeing to the provisions set forth on the agreement. They must also acknowledge that they are responsible for any applicable room and meal charges based upon the dates included on the agreement or on the SRA form.

Students that are requesting housing anytime between the end of Language Schools and the beginning of the fall term, must have secured a job that has been given an approved extension/early arrival from SEO and must be working the minimum 30 hours per week, for each week until classes begin. Supervisors must submit a summer Job Extension/Early Fall Arrival Request Form for review by the third Friday in March in order to request student employees during this period. Requests that meet the criteria outlined on the form will be reviewed and a decision communicated to the supervisor by the end of March. Job Extension/Early Fall Arrival Requests may not be approved if this form is submitted after the deadline.

Student employees are not eligible to work while attending the Language Schools because of the intensity of the program and the Language Pledge®

W-4 and I-9 Forms 

Student employees MUST complete the federally required I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form and a W-4 tax withholding form at the Student Employment Office in order to work. Once these forms have been completed the student will receive a blue employment card (“blue card”) indicating that they are eligible to work for the College. Supervisors should ask to see their student employee’s blue card. Students that have NOT received their blue card CANNOT work. 

Time Entry 

The same process for web time entry/approval is followed in the summer as during the academic year (with the exception of student Research Assistants). It is the responsibility of the student employee to report his/her time in the pay period in which the hours were worked. All BannerWeb time must be submitted by 5pm on Monday following the close of the pay period, or earlier if requested by the supervisor. Please refer to the pay calendar on the SEO web site: Here.A temporary pay card (“Temp Card”) may be used only to generate payment for work that occurred once (please confirm with SEO if temporary pay cards are acceptable). Students being paid via temporary pay cards still need to complete the I-9 and W-4 forms and cannot work unless they have their blue card.


Student wages are the same during the academic year as they are during the summer with the exception of Summer Research Assistants. A separate job description can be used if summer and academic year job responsibilities differ. Please refer to the Wage Scale on the SEO website for further details.


Paychecks are issued every other Friday and delivered to the student’s campus mail box. Please see the pay calendar on the SEO website for the dates that payments are issued. To have your pay directly deposited into a U.S. bank account (called “direct deposit”), please refer to the instructions on the SEO web site under the section titled Getting Paid.

Hours of Employment 

To be eligible for on campus housing, enrolled, undergraduate student employees must work at least 30 hours per week. Students are only eligible for housing during the time they are working and they must be employed the entire time they are on campus. Students that will be off campus during the term of their employment for longer than 2 weeks are required to completely vacate their room and turn their room key in to Public Safety. 

Pay Withholdings

During the summer, student employees are subject to social security and Medicare deductions along with state and federal tax. These amounts will be deducted from your bi-weekly pay.


On campus summer housing is a privilege. As noted above, all College policies, including but not limited to those related to community standards, conduct, respect, and residence hall regulations, are fully enforceable during the summer employment period (see Student Life Policies: here. Failure to adhere to them may result in termination of a student’s housing, among other things. Students working off-campus are not eligible for on campus housing or the summer meal plan.

Room Assignment

Rooms are assigned based upon completion and submission of the Summer Student Employment & Housing Agreement, dates of employment, and dates of availability of housing involved. Questions regarding housing assignments should be directed to the Summer Student Residential Life Intern. Most summer rooms are doubles and students opting to live on campus should anticipate having a roommate for all or part of their stay. Due to limited housing availability room changes are only granted in extreme circumstances. 

Dorm Access

Students may move into their summer housing up to one day prior to their first day of work. They are required to move out of their room by noon of the day following their last day of work. Room keys must be turned in to Public Safety by 4:00 pm on the move-out date. Employment dates must be listed on the signed agreement (employment dates for research assistants will be listed on the Summer Research Assistant Form). Official housing dates will be provided by SEO/residential life staff or through BannerWeb. Students will be fined up to $400 per day if they obtain access to the dorm prior to the official move in date or remain in housing after noon of the move-out date. Any attempt to gain access to College property without permission or prior to the approved arrival time will jeopardize summer employment and housing privileges and may result in disciplinary procedures.

Summer student employees will find that their building access is more restricted in the summer than during the academic year. Summer student employees may not access any spaces where entry is not supported by their own access card or where they are not the guest of someone with appropriate access to those spaces. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in termination of employment, disciplinary action and/or revocation of the student’s housing and campus privileges.

Students that are working for the College but choose to live off campus must move out of their campus housing after their last exam and may not return to campus housing until after 9 am the day that residence halls open for the Fall Term.

Fines and Damages

Rooms must be left in move-in condition or fines may be incurred. All belongings must be removed from the dorm room or they may be discarded. Damages to common areas or adjacent hallways will be billed to the residents of the entire dormitory unless the individual(s) responsible can be identified. Charges for dorm damages may be appealed to the Dorm Damage Appeals Committee.

Room and Meal Plan Costs for Summer Student Employees living on campus

On campus housing is $80 per week and covers housing and activities fees. You will be assigned a room based on availability. The summer meal plan is $70 per week from June 12 through brunch on August 19. All student employees housed on campus during this period will be billed for the meal plan.

Charges for summer housing and meals are assessed to the student’s account and are billed in weekly increments with weeks beginning Sunday and ending Saturday. Student accounts will be assessed for contracted room and board by the end of May. Payment will be due in full by August 15. Expectation is that students will make payments bi-weekly with student employment earnings through BannerWeb or the Cashier’s Office in the Service Building. Please note that the spring student account balance must be resolved unless prior arrangements have been made with the Student Financial Services Office. Students that prefer to pre-pay for room and board can do so with a check (or cash) for the total amount for the summer. 

Students will receive a confirmation email regarding their summer employment dates at the end of April. Any changes or correction must be submitted to SEO by the deadline stated in the confirmation email. After this period changes will only be considered by formal appeal and only for unanticipated hardships. Changes will not be considered retroactively.

Alcohol and Other Drugs  

The Alcohol and Other Drug policy outlined in the student handbook in is force throughout the summer. The policy can be viewed online at


Parties (registered or unregistered) are not allowed during the summer. Violations of this policy will be addressed by the Summer Residential Life Intern and the office of the Dean may result in termination of employment, housing, and other disciplinary action.  

Noise Levels 

Middlebury College seeks to promote the quiet, comfort, and health of the College community and residents of the town of Middlebury. Students should neither cause nor condone excessive amounts of noise, but should strive to be considerate and respectful of others. Given the unique nature and intensity of the Language School sessions and the fact that windows remain open throughout the summer, there is greater sensitivity to acceptable noise levels throughout the campus. What may be considered an acceptable level of noise during the academic year may not be considered acceptable during the summer. Students may not play stereos, etc., at loud levels, especially during late evening hours. At no time are speakers allowed in windows or out-of-doors. 

Furthermore, the Town of Middlebury has passed a noise ordinance that prohibits excessive noise on Sundays-Thursdays after 10 pm, and on Fridays and Saturdays after 1:00 am. The town police will investigate noise levels deemed unacceptable and action will be taken accordingly. If requests to reduce the volume of noise are ignored, fines (of up to $1,000) may be imposed.


Summer is prime time for ants in Vermont. Ant cups and insect sprays are available through dormitory custodians. Students must take responsibility for their individual rooms. Since some residents may be allergic to the chemicals used in pest control products, use in commons areas should occur only upon the approval of the residents. The best protection is to dispose of food or crumbs as soon as possible. Please contact the Summer Student Residential Intern if bed bugs are suspected.


All pets (e.g., fish, dogs, cats, snakes, birds, small caged animals) are prohibited in the residence halls. Upon discovery of pets, action will be taken accordingly (fines and removal).

Repair Requests 

Repair requests are to be channeled through the Summer Residential Intern. In case of an emergency (e.g., a toilet is overflowing), please call the Facilities Services expediter at x5472 between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm or call Public Safety at x5911 outside of normal working hours. 

Security Issues

It is critical that rooms are kept locked at all times. This is especially true during the day throughout the summer months as there are very few students, if any, in the dormitory during daytime hours. Notify Public Safety immediately if you see someone who you believe should not be in the dormitory or if you have any suspicions or concerns about someone.  Encourage residents to travel with another person during late evening hours; use good common sense; be aware of your surroundings; and do not take unnecessary risks. If you see something, say something.


Bicycles may be kept in the bicycle racks, in the bicycle storage area (if available) or in students’ rooms. They should be secured at all times. Bicycles may not be left in hallways or lounges as their presence may result in a fire safety hazard.  Be careful about chaining them to anything other than bike racks outside, as they will be removed if chained to trees, poles, etc. 


Please remember that furniture cannot be removed from a room. Students will be billed for the replacement cost of any furniture that is removed. If lounge furniture or furniture from another building is found in a room, fines are assigned accordingly. 


As during the academic year, guests may stay no longer than three days. The Summer Student Residential Intern must be notified where the guest is staying. Guests are expected to comply with all college policies. Summer student employees are responsible for the behavior of their guests. The College reserves the right to remove any guest whose behavior is not appropriate, and to rescind the privilege of hosting guests as appropriate. 

Laundry Services

During the summer laundry facilities are available in Atwater and Forest. However, both facilities are used to house Language Schools so students that use them should be especially conscientious of that fact and that others may also be using the facilities.

Reduced Services

While summer employees are not eligible for ongoing health services and counseling during the summer months, the Parton Center for Health and Wellness staff would be glad to meet initially with students and provide referrals to local services as needed. Parton has limited hours during the summer; please contact them at ext. 5135 for their hours of operation, or visit their website at go/parton. 

During the summer the Heating Plant may need to be shut down for certain periods of time, however, these shut downs will be pre-planned and announced so that there should be no impact on the availability to provide hot water in the dorms. Students who are given permission to work either before or after the dates of the Language School sessions may need to accept extraordinary circumstances during those times (e.g., construction, no hot water in their dormitory, no Dining Service meals provided, possible room changes, etc.).


Summer Meal Plan 

The cost of the summer meal plan is $70 per week from June 12through brunch on August 19. All student employees housed on campus during this period will be billed for the meal plan. The plan includes breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday and brunch and dinner on the weekend. Students living on campus when a meal plan is not offered (before reunion and after Language School commencement) are expected to supply their own meals. Students that will be off campus during the term of their employment at any point when the meal plan is available, or fasting for religious purposes, for one week or more, may request a Meal Plan Reduction. Students that are registered with Student Accessibility Services as a student with a disability on campus may request a Meal Plan Reduction as an accommodation. The Meal Plan Reduction Request Form is due by April 19, 2017.

Special accommodations are made each year for the English-speaking summer student employees on the meal plan. For 2017, Proctor Redfield will be used for summer student employees. The intent is to provide a relaxed and pleasant environment for the student employees and minimize the concern regarding English being overheard by Language School students. Picnic tables will be available for dining outside. These tables will be clearly marked for English-speaking employees. Summer student employees are expected to maintain a conversational voice level.  


Mail Boxes 

Whenever possible, spring term students who meet the April submission deadline for the summer employment and housing agreement will retain their same campus mail box throughout the summer. Requests after deadline cannot be guaranteed as the box number may already have been reassigned to a summer language schools student. If a box number does get reassigned to another incoming student, the student worker will be assigned a different, temporary summer box number. 


All vehicles on campus need to be registered with the College and carry a valid parking permit. There is no charge for Student Summer Employee parking. Register your vehicle on Bannerweb and if you do not receive your parking permit in your student mailbox within 5 business days contact the Access and Parking Office at 443-5625 to check on the status of your parking permit. Vehicles found on campus without a proper permit are subject to fines, immobilization and possible towing.


There is no storage available in residence halls during the summer. For information related to storing items in Fletcher Barn, please visit the Public Safety website or contact the office directly.

Language Pledge® 

"Everyone working on the Middlebury campus in the summer is encouraged to respect the Language Pledge®, including academic year students who are employed by College service departments and summer research students. During the summer, these students play a key role in facilitating the academic program of over 1,000 students from all over the world who are here to immerse themselves in new languages and cultures. All Language Schools students have pledged to speak, hear, read, and write only the language they are studying – the cornerstone of our immersion program. The use of any language other than the student’s target language is a violation of the Pledge.

The Pledge helps Language Schools students focus their energies on the acquisition of language skills and internalize the patterns of communication and cultural perspective associated with the target language. The Pledge plays a major role in the success of the program, both as a symbol of commitment and as an essential part of the learning process. It ensures that the vocabulary and structures gained in class are "put in motion" right away so they are acquired, used, and not forgotten.

Language Schools students (including Middlebury College undergraduate students who are studying in the summer) are discouraged from attending social events where a language other than the one they are studying is spoken, or to use English except as required to obtain essential services outside their Schools.

We rely on your discretion in using English (in conversation, playing radios, use of cellphones, etc.) in venues where you are likely to encounter Language Schools students—particularly in the dining halls, libraries, fitness center, pool, and other shared facilities. While we recognize that the responsibility for adhering to the Pledge rests with Language Schools students themselves, you can help them by not initiating interactions. If you observe summer student employees speaking English with Language Schools students, you may remind them of the commitment to the Pledge. This need not be a harsh or unfriendly confrontation; in most cases a simple reminder will suffice.

You are always welcome in the Dean’s office in Sunderland to discuss the Pledge or the many ways in which you support our summer population. Everyone at the Language Schools appreciates your understanding of the unique ways in which the campus transforms in summer. We cannot do our work without you!" - Stephen Snyder, Dean of Language Schools


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