Student Positions

Position descriptions for all student positions must be filed with the Student Employment Office. These descriptions outline the responsibilities of each position and the required experience and skills. They also form the basis of the College's Student Wage Program.

Descriptions of New Positions:

Supervisors are responsible for drafting new job descriptions in conjunction with the Student Employment Office. To create a new student position complete the New Student Job Request Form.

Changing Position Descriptions:

Position descriptions are updated when there are substantial changes in the scope and practice of a job. The College reserves the right to change position descriptions with notice to the student; normally, a College initiated change would be policy driven. It is recommended that the supervisor review position descriptions annually, preferably coinciding with student performance evaluations. See Job Descriptions for instructions on changing the job description of an existing student position.

Viewing Position Descriptions:

See Job Descriptions

Wage Level Definitions

Below are the criteria used to determine in which wage level a position falls.

Level A (General)

  • Requires no previous training or special skills other than basic computer skills
  • Requires minimum and finite on-the-job training
  • Does not require supervision of others
  • Requires some independence, but also some supervision

Level B (Skilled)

  • Some level of responsibility and independence
  • Some previous training or experience
  • Extensive on-the-job training or certification
  • May be responsible for an aspect of a program or supervising other students

Level C (Specialist)

  • May require special supervisory skills
  • Advanced level of academic achievement or other qualifications
  • May be responsible for success of an entire program
  • Requires extensive previous experience or on-going training
  • Requires highly specialized skills