Electronic Personnel Action Form

The Electronic Personnel Action Form (“EPAF”) is a form in BannerWeb that can be used to add a new job or reactivate an existing job for a student who has completed the required employment documentation and has been issued a blue card. This process is for work that takes place during the academic year only. For work that will take place over the summer see Summer Employment.

The below video will walk you through the entire EPAF process. If you prefer typed instructions click here.

The following is a list of specific topics within the EPAF video and how far along into the presentation you can find them (in case you only need to refer back to one section).

Default Routing Queue: 1 Minute, 10 seconds

EPAF'ing New Hires: 2 Minutes, 25 seconds

EPAF'ing Re-Hires: 5 Minutes, 55 seconds

Common Errors & Solutions: 9 minutes, 10 seconds

Originator Summary: 9 minutes, 50 seconds


Things to Keep in Mind when EPAF'ing:

-Do not edit the default "Terminate a Job" information. The default termination date will be the last day of the final BW of the Academic year.  For AY 2018-2019 this date is Sunday June 2nd. This will allow for SEO and HR to maintain accurate employment records in regards to student positions.

-The earliest "Jobs Effective Date" that can be provided in the EPAF is the first day of fall term classes. If an earlier date is provided it will be overridden during the mass termination process that SEO completes annually at the end of the summer and the position will not be activated. Please keep this in mind when submitting EPAF's prior to the start of a new academic year.

-The “Job Begin Date” is the date the student first began in the position. For new hires the Job Begin Date will be the same as the Jobs Effective Date. If you are rehiring a student who worked in the position previously the Job Begin Date will be a date in the past (this will be listed in the Current Value column on the final page of the EPAF or as the ‘Start Date’ on the New EPAF Job Selection page).

-The “Job Effective Date” is the date that we are making the position effective for the new academic year. There can be multiple effective dates if the student works in the position during multiple academic years.

-To hire a student to work over the summer see Summer Employment. Temp Cards may still be used for work that occurs one time only.

-EPAFs with errors cannot be submitted.