Condensed Instructions

1. Login to BannerWeb (we recommend using Interner Explorer)
2. Select the Employee Tab
3. Select Electronic Personnel Action Form*

Set up your Default Routing Queue if you haven't already. (This should only need to be done once.)*

4. Select New EPAF

Complete the ‘New EPAF Person Selection’ Page

5. Enter the 8 digit ‘ID’ number for the student that you are hiring. Ensure that the name that populates is accurate.

6. Enter the ‘Date’ the student will begin working (or the first date of the pay period in which the student will begin working).

7. Select “Add a Student Job’’ from the ‘Approval Category’ drop-down

8. Click ‘Go’

Complete the ‘New EPAF Job Selection’ Page

9. Select ‘All Jobs’

10. Select the applicable position if it's already listed or enter the position number and suffix (00) on the New Job line if the position isn’t already listed. Note the ‘Start Date’ for the position if one is provided. Note if the student’s 'Primary' job is active or not.

11. Click ‘Go’

Complete the ‘Electronic Personnel Action Form’ Page

12. Enter the ‘Job Begin Date’: If the student has worked in the position before this is the 'Start Date' from the previous page (this may also be listed on the current page under 'Current Value') or if the student has not worked in this position before this will be their first day of work

13. Enter the ‘Jobs Effective Date’: the student’s 1st day of work in the academic year

14. Contract Type: Select “Primary” if the student doesn’t already have an active primary job (or if the position you are EPAF'ing is already listed as the primary job). Otherwise select "Secondary".  (Do NOT select "Overload".)

Job Status: Skip

FTE: Skip

15. Regular Rate: The level A base rate will default in. If your position is not a level A on the wage scale, change this to the 1st year rate for the appropriate level.

16. Supervisor ID: Enter the 8 digit supervisor ID #

17. Supervisor Position: Enter the supervisor’s 6 digit position # (This can be found on the Time Sheet Selection page in your BannerWeb.)

18. Time Sheet Orgn: Enter the 6 digit Timesheet Org #

19. Workers Comp Code: 8868 for all jobs except Dining (9101), Lifeguards (9101) and Ski/Snow Bowl (9180)

20. Save

21. Submit

*Ignore all ‘Warning’ messages.  ‘Error’ messages must be resolved in order for the EPAF to be submitted. See EPAF Errors & Solutions.