Closing a Posting

This will keep the SEO office appraised of your process to ensure that filled postings are removed from the student jobs web site. In addition, one of the most common pieces of feedback that students offer us is that they never hear back regarding applications that they have submitted. PeopleAdmin utilizes applicant statuses to automatically send the appropriate applicant notification emails. Please complete the following set of steps for each applicant.

  1. In PA navigate to your applicant records.
  2. Confirm that you have assigned a workflow state for all of your candidates. To do so:
  3. Click on the applicant and click the orange button “Take Action on Job Application”. Select the appropriate setting for this applicant. Valid selection options at this point are listed below. The only applicant who should display is the new hire (with a workflow state of "Hired").
  4. Once you have assigned a status for each of your applicants, please notify student employment that the posting is ready to be closed by sending an email message to seo@middlebury.edu. Only then can we close your posting.

Workflow state options and the resulting communications to the student:

  • Not Interviewed, Not Hired – applicant will receive an immediate email
  • Interviewed, Not Hired - applicant will receive an email when the position is moved to filled by SEO.
  • Not Hired, No Email – applicant will not receive an email. Use this option if you personally notify candidates and do NOT want them to also receive an automated email message.