Job Descriptions

Student supervisors can now view student job descriptions in PeopleAdmin by logging in here: https://middlebury.peopleadmin.com/hr and following the instructions below. Please note that currently you need to be logged in under the Search Committee Member user type (not Student Supervisor) to view student job descriptions.

Viewing Job Descriptions
  1. Select the "Student Supervisor" user type (this is the field next to your name). Click the refresh (arrow) button next to this field to reset your user type. (A green notification message will display at the top of your screen to verify this update.)
  2. Click the down arrow next to the text that reads “Applicant Tracking” and select “Position Management”. The top of your screen should change from blue to orange and new menu options will now be visible.
  3. Select the "Classifications" option in the top center section of your screen. Then click on “Student”.
  4. Search for the job description that you would like to review.
  5. Click on the job title to view that position’s information.
  6. To look for another position repeat steps 3 – 5.
Changing a Job Description during the Posting Process
Changing a Job Description Without Posting
  1. Follow steps 1-5 under Viewing Job Descriptions above.
  2. Copy and paste existing job description into a new email. Update as necessary. Send to seo@middlebury.edu.