Job Descriptions

Job descriptions for all student positions must be filed with the Student Employment Office. These descriptions outline the responsibilities of each position and the required experience and skills. They also form the basis of the College's Student Wage Program.

Supervisors are responsible for drafting new job descriptions in conjunction with the Student Employment Office. To create a new student position complete the New Student Job Request Form.

Viewing Job Descriptions

To view student job descriptions in PeopleAdmin:

  1. Log in to PeopleAdmin with your Middlebury credentials using Firefox. (To view information about your login credentials, click here.)
  2. Select the "Student Supervisor" user type (this is the field next to your name). A green notification message will display at the top of your screen to verify this update.
  3. Click the down arrow next to the text that reads “Applicant Tracking” and select “Position Management”. The top of your screen should change from blue to orange and new menu options will now be visible.
  4. Select the "Classifications" option in the top center section of your screen. Then click on “Student”.
  5. Search for the job description that you would like to review. At this point you may select "More Search Options" and enter the 8 digit 'Supervisor ID' to see all positions that report to that ID number.
  6. Click on the job title to view that position’s information.
  7. To look for another position repeat steps 3 – 5.
Changing a Job Description

Position descriptions are updated when there are substantial changes in the scope and practice of a job. The College reserves the right to change position descriptions with notice to the student; normally, a College initiated change would be policy driven. It is recommended that the supervisor review position descriptions annually, preferably coinciding with student performance evaluations.

To make minor job description changes (that do not warrant a change in wage level) during the posting process:

To change a job description without posting:

  1. Complete the Student Job Description Form