Student Wage Scale

2015 Wage Scale

Effective January 1, 2015


1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

4th Year

Level A General

$ 9.15

$ 9.38

$ 9.61

$ 9.84

Level B Skilled

$ 9.84

$ 10.08

$ 10.33

$ 10.57

Level C Specialist  

$ 10.57

$ 10.84



The wage scale is set by these criteria:

  • Level of skills required, including special skills
  • Level of experience/training required
  • Level of independent work, confidentiality and peer supervision
  • Level of mental activity
  • Level of accountability

Student Wage Level Definitions


Includes all entry-level student jobs that do not require previous training or special skills other than basic computer skills. Requires minimum on-the-job training.  Examples include:

Office assistants, Monitors, Retail sales assistants, Library assistants, Some Dining positions, Ushers, Receptionists


Skilled Level jobs include positions that require a higher level of responsibility and some previous training or experience.  Positions offer extensive on-the-job training or require certification. Students may be responsible for an aspect of a program, and/or supervising other students.  Examples of Skilled Level positions include:

Web assistants, Lab assistants, Lifeguards, Research assistants, Tutors, Teaching assistants, Athletic Trainers, Graders, Library or Office Associates


Specialist Level jobs require special supervisory skills or an advanced level of academic or other qualifications.  The position might be responsible for the success of an entire program, involve a high degree of training, and/or extensive previous experience.  Job duties may include hiring, training, scheduling and supervising other students or assuming responsibilities for coordinating a program.  Examples include:

Web specialists/developers, Computer Programmers, Middlebury Magazine writers, Orientation coordinators, Lead computer consultants, GIS specialist

Any position that clearly requires a higher pay rate outside of the set levels because of experience and levels of technical expertise required will be managed through Human Resources on a case-by-case basis.

Annual Raise Increase

A student can progress within a level by returning to the same position the following academic year.  A student must have worked a minimum of 25 hours during a previous academic year in the same position to receive the increase indicated on the wage scale.

The increase is not contingent upon Student Evaluations.  However, if a student qualifies and a supervisor wishes to deny the annual increase, the supervisor must provide the student clear written feedback as an explanation for the denial.  The written feedback must also be shared with the Student Employment Office.