Summer Programs at Middlebury Arrival Information

Below you will find information about arrival information relating to Public Safety.

Some of the topics include:

  • ID Card information
  • Parking information
  • Key Information.
  • General Arrival Info

 Faculty and Staff should fill out the arrival form found on this page.

ID Card Frequently asked questions: (Click to View)

I am a current Midd Student, Do I need a new ID? All Students are required to have a Language specific ID card so you will need to submit a new photo.

I have a previous Photo on File but need a Language School Card.  Can I use the photo on File? No.  To Prevent printing issues, we require all students obtaining replacement ID cards to have a new photo taken.

I need a new Language School ID card / I lost mine from last year, what Do I need to do? Submit a photo before language schools begin.  Or, stop in at the office during the program to purchase a replacement card.  In either case, it is the Student's responsibility to purchase a replacement card.

I'm attending a different language, Do I need a new ID card and how would I obtain it? Yes you will need a new card.  Every language has it's own ID card specific to the individual language. Submit your photo before school begins to have an ID Produced for you.

How Do I submit a Photo?  (what are the requirements) Visit http://go.middlebury.edu/idphotos to upload a photo.  Be sure that it matches the requirements outlined on the submission page.

Summer Schools Faculty and Staff Arrival Form

Please enter your arrival date and time to the Middlebury campus

Include any dependents (family) you will be arriving with. 

This information will allow us to better prepare for your arrival. 

If you have difficulties submitting this form, please send your information to Publicsafety@middlebury.edu.


Please list everyone in your party that will be arriving with you. Please provide the full names.