For your Bicycle's Security

Students, faculty and staff that use bicycles on campus are required to register their bicycles with the Department of Public Safety.  The owner must register online and will then be issued a Middlebury College decal containing a license number.  The owner must affix the decal on the frame of the bicycle, preferably under the seat post.  

Bicycle owners should use a sturdy, good quality "Krypton" U-Lock.  This type of lock can be purchased at a local bike shop.  Although cable locks are often used, they do not provide adequate security (by the time you finish reading this sentence, your cable lock can be cut and your bicycle stolen).  Most bicycles that are stolen at Middlebury are ones that have been secured with poor quality locks and/or have been improperly secured or not secured at all. 

  • Retain the original purchase documentation for the bike, including the serial number.
  • If possible, take a photo of your bike.  It can help with recovery if your bike is ever stolen.
  • Always lock your bike.  Optimally, bikes should be locked around the frame and through both wheels, as well as secured to a bike rack.  Leave as little space as possible inside the U-Lock to minimize the space for thieves to insert their tools.
  • Do not lock your bike to a tree, bench, or handrail.
  • Invest in a strong bicycle lock or strong padlock and chain.  Chains should be case-hardened steel with links at least 5/8 inch in diameter.
  • Whenever possible, keep your bicycle inside. Many residence halls have designated bike rooms.
  • If you leave your bicycle outside, keep it in a well-lit and heavily traveled location.
  • Find out if your parents’ insurance policy covers your bicycle.  If not, consider insuring it.
  • Public Safety or Facilities Services will remove bicycles locked to handrails or in walkways and will fine the bike owners.

If your bicycle is missing or stolen:

  • Contact the Department of Public Safety immediately.
  • Be on the lookout for your bicycle.  If you locate it, contact the Department of Public Safety.