Fire Safety

Middlebury College Campus and Bread Loaf Campus

Large dormitories have sprinklers and fire alarm systems that alert Public Safety.  Some small, residential student housing have room smoke detectors not part of this fire-alarm system.  These smaller houses do have sprinkler systems, however, and most have hallway smoke detectors that alert Public Safety.  Public Safety conducts two fire drills during the academic year.  In each residence hall, one drill takes place during the fall, the other in the spring.

Public Safety regularly tests all of the sprinkler systems in the large dorms, as well as testing and annually cleaning all the fire-alarm systems.  College technicians respond to every reported alarm or system trouble and test or repair systems to make sure they’re functional.  These technicians annually change smoke detectors, and annually test exit signs, emergency lights, and fire extinguishers.  Custodians, night watchmen, and Public Safety officers regularly check the fire safety equipment on campus.

To help prevent fires, please observe the following:

• Keep room entries, exits, and hallways free of potential obstructions, such as boxes, bicycles, and mattresses.

• Don’t overload outlets.

• Avoid using extension cords whenever possible.

• In dorm rooms, don’t use hot plates, toasters, or cooking appliances.

• Don’t hang anything from sprinkler pipings or heads.

• Don’t build or place anything over the room’s radiator that will disrupt the free flow of air around it.

• Always leave magnifying mirrors face down so they won’t magnify sunlight.

• You may not use candles, halogen lamps, or portable heaters.

• Avoid hanging lights and paper together. Don’t hang lights or streamers on the side of doors facing corridors.

• No smoking.

• For office spaces permitted to have Christmas trees, the tree must be properly treated and kept away from heat sources. You must turn off tree lights before leaving your office. Student rooms and suites may not have Christmas trees.


Fire Safety Education and Training Programs

Middlebury College & Bread Loaf Campus

The Environmental Health and Safety officer conducts trainings for faculty staff and students.